Chefs Review The “Flexitarian” B12 Vegan Burger

Looks like a regular burger. Feels like a regular burger. Bleeds like a regular burger. TASTES like a regular burger?! We were VERY skeptical going into this …


  1. What's the difference between that and a Beyond Burger here in the States

  2. BancroftOutdoors

    Why the one lower case letter in the thumbnail “i”

  3. The only issue would be the price. This would be 2 or 3 times the price of a good beef burger.

  4. I love this!

  5. Call me when they're growing meat in a lab for not 10,000 dollarydoo's. That'll be when it really takes off.

  6. Shirley Dayne Vincoy

    I looks amazing lads

  7. I think it's great! Because there is nothing wrong with playing around with plant-based ingredients and creating awesome things like this since we have the option to!
    Whole food plant-based diet would still probably be healthier and people who want to eat that way – perfect! But I believe substitutes like this would appeal to a much wider audience

  8. Mel O'Dramatic

    ive cooked meat substitutes for my partner (who would eat only meat if he could) and hes said he actually doesnt mind them. This meatless patty would probably blow his mind.

  9. cheese and brioche bun sounds like an animal product though

  10. tbf all for the replacement stuff but if I was given a choice between a replacement meat with no effort or actual meat which i had to hunt down kill and process myself i'd still go for the latter. It's a texture and taste thing

  11. Jamie went vegan for a whole month? Huge props to Steak Man!!!

  12. deepika parthasarathy

    Who's Janice?

  13. I feel like it's up to everyone's personal taste. Some vegans and vegetarians want to enjoy foods like burgers, sausages, etc. where as others prefer a more whole-foods diet or both. There is variety in every kind of diet.

  14. I’ve never really understood the need for these sorts of meat substitutes but then again I do go more with what James said – eat meat less often but buy it right. However, the biggest problem I have with a lot of meat replacements and vegan recipes I see is the use of nuts and soy. My girlfriend is allergic to most nuts and soy and so it immediately rules out so many options for us when trying to buy more interesting or new foods.

  15. I love that you guys embrace and support vegan food. I think it's great that you are exposing people to different options. It makes veganism so much more accessible and less daunting to the general public. Thank you!! P.S. Try the Impossible Burger! Would love to know how it compares!

  16. I am intrigued. I need to eat less meat for health reasons but I’m addicted to burgers so these guys have piqued my interest. If it can bring an old cynical Scotsman around to ‘i’m not irrationally angry about it’ then they might be on to something here.

  17. Like the impossible burger?

  18. jackfruit is good though as pulled pork it is a proven substitute

  19. Looking around for this as hear how much it costs, I see it say it going to be £10 for one burger in a restaurant in one paper. So if you poor I do not think you can get it, as it most likely going to be £12 for like two…. So for a lot of people, they not going to eat it unless it a low price. The Moving Mountains burger costs £10 and will be available at Mildreds Dalston from Saturday 24 February.

  20. I prefer dishes without "meat substitutes" like veg burgers, because the dish just tastes even better with less processed products. For a dish that's originally needed meat, I'd just substitute it with more vegetables and/or beans which works great (especially if you know how to season). So maybe we could focus more on how to do that?

    I do believe that meat substitutes are a good thing to have though as some people few it as more convenient as they might mostly know how to cook with meat. I also agree with the health and environmental reasons mentioned in the video.

  21. James, you're not grumpy. It's just your Scottish genes showing through. In Scotland, the ultimate compliment is "I've seen worse".

  22. Wow if James likes it then it has to be good. I want one.

  23. Helena Palmieri

    As a vegetarian that has been addicted to your channel for years now, I LOVE that you're reviewing meat substitutions. If you get the chance try the Impossible Burger, it's AMAZING. Now while meat substitutions are fun to review, a mix of both meat substitutions and whole plant based dishes would be the best way to go in my opinion.

  24. Aww James you're so precious c:

    Realtalk tho I wanna try that!! 😀

  25. Watching this video made me sad that I’m on a diet…But then again, it’s vegan. Hmm…

    Oh! It would be so awesome if you guys could do a recipe on mango sago! It would be nostalgia overload.❤️

  26. Ashley S. MacKenzie

    The wheat and barley is always what keep me from going vegan–it gives the right texture and also the wrong allergic reactions.

  27. Coming from somebody that has been involved in the food animal industry for almost my entire life in one way or another ( farm hand, livestock owner/ raiser, sale barn worker, animal husbandry, and lately a veterinary technician trying to learn food animal medicine) I do enjoy the concept of a food product like this but I could never fully switch to a vegan lifestyle.and u do agree with James ideas, choose the highest quality meat that you can locally source and afford. And only use what you need, nobody likes throwing away leftover expensive meats.

    I believe that studying these types of foods will benefit the world greatly with overpopulation in large cities, and if they can make it more shelf stable as a resource to send to food deprived areas as a substitute in say a drought where keeping the animal resources alive are difficult. Conversely this technology could be used in space when growing ,say a cow, is impractical for meat. But where growing plants are easy.

  28. To Jaimie's question at the end: Both.

    Once again, guys, thanks for the education.

  29. To Jaimie's question at the end: Both.

    Once again, guys, thanks for the education.

  30. blissfuldreamer06

    Well this is fun, good for the vegans/vegetarians that struggle with the lack of meat style foods.

    James, embrace the grump. Grump is amusing haha

  31. insert namehere

    Love how you guys are so open minded about Vegan! 🙂 Seldom see chef going vegan as of course it is always easier to see meats than vegan food 🙂

  32. Kazutoification

    What does it taste like without cheese?

  33. I used to be a veggie, but now have a Big Sensitivity to soy, I would love to eat less meat ( Not Bacon, Nor Steak! ) I would love to see ideas for this, as I feels the additive of soy lecithin and protein is affecting more people.

  34. Try getting our hands on the impossible burger

  35. When I was young free and single I rarely eat meat, I eat mostly nuts ,beans, veg and soy protein with the odd meat dish and rarer bacon sandwich. Now single again, I get to choose what I want to eat again. I don't have to give anything up or not try out something because the family don't like it. Through channels like SORTEDfood I'm finding new foods to try and challenge the tastebuds. Thank you. This burger actually looks tasty, unlike some fake burgers I've had in the past.

  36. The Babycarrot Thug

    I think these substitutes are great! Awesome tat you guys are shining some light on that bad boy!

  37. globaljabouble

    James: instantly recognizes that it's not meat at first glance.
    Also James: "It looks a lot like meat."

  38. love to try that burger! love me good veggie burger!

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