Cheesy Veg sandwich Recipe | Cheese Sandwich

Cheesy Veg Sandwich Recipe !! INGREDIENTS- Bread Slices- 5-6 Cheese slice (you can also use Grated cheese) Potato- 2 tbsp (boiled & mashed) Chopped …


  1. I cooked one side for three minutes and it got burnt!

  2. thank you ………

  3. chandana Dhananjaya


  4. It's my tomorrow's breakfast for sure.

  5. wich cheese used ?

  6. Very nice. We can add mayonise to it. It adds more taste to it.

  7. I will b try thanks for sharing

  8. What if you don’t like masala? What is a good alternative?

  9. Looking so delicious. Yummy

  10. Great…

  11. Waooo

  12. Maheswari Anantla

    I done 10 sandwich by seeing this video my parents appreciate me

  13. Sharmella Krishnasamy

    Tried it. Very nice. But, tooo heavy. Thks.

  14. very nice video

  15. but this time i have no cheese

  16. Can we cook it in an oven?

  17. Sooooooo nice of you… awesome

  18. Humse ni bna

  19. Sab bhainchodh goonge bethe hai koi bol k ni samjhata

  20. wha I will traid

  21. Will you do sandwich without cheese plz

  22. Super

  23. Superb..I will try must.

  24. Recipeswithmore Channel

    Looks so tasty, I'm going to make it.

  25. Martha

  26. Bilkul ghatiya hai

  27. Can I add sweet corn to it ?

  28. From today I have love with sandwich too much

  29. Its delicious , mind blowing♥♥♥♥

  30. food is bae!!cant control to grab the sandwich

  31. Awesome

  32. That white colour squer name?

  33. Nice

  34. Which city you live

  35. nice and easy

  36. Shivkumar Agrawal

    it was too easy and sooo tasty

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