Cheese Paratha Recipe – Cheese Stuffed Paratha – Vegetarian Recipe by (HUMA IN THE KITCHEN)

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  1. Very easy n quick recipe I'll try

  2. Huma mere aap se ye request hai ke aap hame simple dal aur chawal banane ki recipe de. Please my request.

  3. Sarita Agrawal

    So chessy

  4. Prathibha Hari


  5. bht vdia di

  6. Muhammad waleed

    I made this tasty recipe i made this at first day of This recipe

  7. Very nice didi I like this and I've eaten this

  8. Yummy it's amazing

  9. shrotoswini' pal

    OMG: just irresistible..plss cone to my house, make me to have it..or plss give ur address , will go to have it..

  10. Zberdest

  11. looks delicious.. you have a sweet voice

  12. Very nice

  13. tasty cheese paratha very nice

  14. It's a very good receipe.. I Will definitely try it

  15. Wonderful

  16. shafeena basheer

    ماشاء الله

  17. yasmine mohammed


  18. Tayyaba Khawer


  19. sanjana rajavat

    Looking yummmm

  20. Hindi or Urdu?

  21. boohat kubasurat he cij Partha.

  22. Sukanya Maitra

    Just wow..

  23. I like

  24. Dr.aartis Kitchen

    Who records ur utube videos?

  25. nirbhah kahlon

    you are canadian

  26. Thx I will make this for my son

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