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Linked all products mentioned below! || UO Tapestry: Total Price: $51.30 — not quite under 50 but ya know whatevs, couldn’t think of a title …


  1. Michelle Sunshinestar

    I love your tapestry.  I've seen them at Tropical Trends, a cool story here.  I do like sushi.  🙂  I put chia or hemp seeds in my smoothies.  I have a NutriBullet.

  2. Michelle Sunshinestar

    I'm not vegan either.  I'm happy with vegetarian person.  I just drink only soy milk. (I might be lactose intolerant?) Sometimes eggs, and I love cheese.  I eat a lot of TV dinners and 90% of them have cheese in them.  my sister has been vegetarian a long time.  I eat salmon.  I just don't like tuna, so I don't eat tuna, but if  you do no offense.  My dad had a good point, if you are not doing it for religious reasons, then its OK to "cheat".  Another friend asked me if I was being made to go vegetarian (I'm like no, its a personal choice).  I can't eat meat anymore.  I became vegetarian last year (July 2016).  I did watch Forks Over Knives.  A plant based diet is different than raw food.  Plant based diet doesn't mean you are for/against animal cruelty.  I'm doing this for health reasons.  I lost 10 pounds without trying.   🙂

  3. Indian stores have cheap veges both fresh and frozen. Probably most ethnic stores do.

  4. Try Aldi next time it's very affordable

  5. Hey New sub! I agree with you, idk what makes ppl think you're SUPPOSE to be vegan!! granted I ONLY eat seafood, but I wouldn't force or suggest ANYONE to be anything! as Jay Z once said WHAT YOU EAT DON'T MAKE ME SHIT!!

  6. I'm a new follower, but i love those flavored waters!! so cheap and so yummy! it has helped me drink water more often 🙂

  7. there's these vegan apple wood sausages by field roast . bomb. will change ya life.

  8. I'm looking into lacto ovo pescitarianism well ..thanks for the great ideas xoxo

  9. you look like Calvin from paid in full a little. no shade it's just the glasses I think.

  10. I had to subscribe just because you took a real stand against Nazi vegans!! Love your video

  11. I'm not a vegetarian, but i'm not big on eating meat either. Could you possibly do a video on meatless meals ideas or a what I ate today video?

  12. I was vegan for two months now I'm eating shrimp and fish along with all the veggies. I was sooo hungry all the time.

  13. zoodles are bae!

  14. Can you do a video on how you make your waffles in deft because I can't keep up on snap

  15. I'm from Maryland and have friends who insist on putting the "the" in front of "Giant" and even correct me when I don't! Funny. I always as why "the Giant" but not "the Walmart"? 😉

  16. Oh god the vegan comments! I got so many on my latest "what I ate" video. Like no! If I wanted to then I would but no need to push it on people

  17. If you like bacon, Walmart has some vegan bacon. I forgot the name of the brand but the pack they come in is green but they are really good

  18. No hate here, but if you are doing nothing wrong by your diet why care if someone is protesting against you? Is it that the information makes you insecure about your diet? Is it that you can no longer block the truth and claim ignorance as an excuse to not be vegan? I'd love to have a healthy discussion.

    Also, please continue to share your vegetarian journey <3

  19. There are vegan meatballs at the IKEA (:

  20. I don't know if you eat beans or not lol but you should try vegetarian chilli use the "ground beef" beans corn etc..
    the best thing ever

  21. Love your tapestry! I've been a vegetarian for many years and I'd like to get away from so much soy meat ( I love it) I've tried seitan a few times but never found any I love. Do you have any seitan products you like?

  22. Beyond meat is my fav meatless product. . Trader joe's almond mozzarella cheese is bomb and just bought the go veggie "cream cheese" pretty good with jelly on toast 🙂 but I'm with ya girl I can't give up salmon tuna and eggs! Lol

  23. just went pescetarian! I still eat seafood and cheese but pretty much no land animals. this video was very helpful

  24. i get these microwavable indian lentils (look for the brand tasty bite) and they're all natural, non gmo whatevers and they're really good with chips or over rice and its really yummy and filling!!!

  25. Danielle Farzanegan

    You should try to find the Caramel Apple greek light and fit!! So good!!!

  26. So would you say this is a week's worth of food that you hauled or is it up to 2 weeks? Also, would you consider showing us prepared meals out of everything you bought to give us some ideas on how to be vegetarian on a budget?

  27. I stumbled upon those Morning Star corn dogs just because I don't like what's in A real hotdog, they are so good, the regular hot dogs are good as well.

  28. I think there's a brand called "Neat" that's soy and gluten free that's a meat alternative. I haven't tried it yet, but am looking into it bc no soy. The brand "So" also has coconut based yogurts and ice cream! I tried the vanilla bean ice cream and it was soooo good 🙂

    Great video!

  29. A tip for boiling zucchini: boil for 1-2 minutes or they will get too soggy! I've tried so many ways to make them and I find them to taste the most like pasta that way.

  30. This question is sorta kinda random , well not really , but , how often do you go grocery shopping ?

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