Cheap Vegan & Vegetarian Food in Melbourne, Australia – Where is the Best?

If you’re looking for Vegan and Vegetarian food in Melbourne then this is the video you’ve been waiting for! We show you all the delicious food you can find with …


  1. In Sydney there's fewer veggie options than Melboune??

  2. Thank for your video. Keep it up

  3. You guys do it so well, I just love watching your videos again and again.

  4. Yummmyyyyyyy….Nice to watch …Greetings from DUBAI 🙂

  5. Just as a heads up, there is a great app called "happy Cow" that gives all the info you need to find Vegan, Vegetarian Restaurants and shops for every suburb, town, city in the world ( no bull ) – including Melbourne. You'll be very surprised at how much all inclusive information it provides…Cheers.

  6. Yo lo único vegano que he comida a sido un brownie vegano :o, se me hace muy llamativa la comida vegana n.n, gracias por los subtitulos 🙂

  7. Hello guys great video although i'm not thrill with vegan or vegetarian food, anyway Moussaka is one of mi favorites dishes because i love eggplant, but for my it must have meat too hehehe. Greetings from Chilean Patagonia.
    I love aussie accent.
    Can you do a video of Aussie Games (Australian Football)…

  8. Why don't you make a video on pubs and clubs of Melbourne where we can have fun n enjoy too.

  9. forgot to add that I enjoy looking at the videos

  10. hi can you guys show other meals apart from Asian dishes

  11. Que bueno! Im definitely a Carnivore but if I lived in a big city with plenty of vegan options I think I’d prob do a vegan day a week :). Yum … here in Gibraltar we are quite limited in that area.

  12. That looks delicious! I'm so jelly!

  13. Travels of Heather and Curtis

    We just love your videos, they are so well done! The first place sounded like a really cool place, pay what you think and a random menu, what a cool idea. Thanks as always for sharing!!

  14. I’m coming to Melbourne next week & wish I can bump into the both of you!!!

  15. Arbitrary Exploration

    It is really cool to have that ‘all meat’ stereotype broken. You have found some really awesome food! It all looked so delicious!

  16. Wow, nifty! Even some places I never hear about. I've got some great places in the CBD I personally go to for vegetarian or vegan.

    Surprised you didn't do fitzroy/brunswick. Vegan heaven over there.

  17. my friends in Malaysia.. Chasing a plate .. They are from Melbourne and New Zealand

  18. breakfast traditional South Indian

  19. You eat Srilankan food its Tamil food.. Its South Indian Tamil food. We use our hands..

  20. It was crap in Preston.. cheap oil and not a worthy staff.. Abbotsford ha ha… cra.. EATING DOSA In fork and spoon

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