CHEAP & EASY VEGAN MEAL PREP (For Weight Loss) • ft. Spicy Roasted Peas Snack Recipe • No. 8

Here’s an Easy Vegan/ Plant Based Meal Prep. I prepared all 3 of my meals by the way. + Overnight Oatmeal + Chia Seeds + Burrito (beans, spinach and pico …


  1. Oh my goodness!!! Don’t ever eat edamame!!! Anything with Soy is soooo bad for you!

  2. Finally nice to see another healthy vegan!!!

  3. What's the name of your other channel you mentioned in the description box

  4. Chubby Girl Gone

    Everything looks delicious as always! And I love how you did this video with just the music in the background. I've always preferred What I Eat in a Day videos that just show prep with no talking

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