Chal Potol—Nobo borsho special—Potol with Fragrant Rice—Bengali vegetarian recipe

Chal potol (parwal) recipe: Chaal potol is my mother’s specialty that she makes on special occasions in the summer months—specially for Noboborsho or Poila …


  1. হঠাত যদি উঠল কথা দারুণ ভাল লাগছে।আমি আপনাদের লেখার নিয়মিত পাঠক ।

  2. এবার দই পটল চাই এবং আবার ও অনুরোধ রইল ভুনি খিচুড়ির।

  3. Bhuk lg gyie bht

  4. I have so many memories with this recipe. My Param Guru Gitashree Chabi Bandyopadhay used to cook this for her Gopal . My music Guru Ma got the recipe from her and I learnt it from her. So this is one of the major bhog er torkari we offer to the God. You guys cook with so much Love and affection. I always appreciate the hidden care in your cooking.

  5. Wow a very nice recipe..will try out. Could you also share some bong recipes on nutrela? Thanks!

  6. Pallabi Bhattacharjee

    Well I am totally new to bengali cooking.. Mane regular er ranaa and… Lost my mother a year ago and just trying to be a grihini… And then I came across bong eats.. Really helpful.. I actually tried a lot of recipes…your channel definitely inspired me…. Well I have collected info from mashi kakima and all and wish to collect some more from you all.. Malpua recipe please… My mother used to make if often and I simply loved it. Sorry too long a note for comment. And I do have many recipe request. Thank you. And you people are doing great job.

  7. Very nice

  8. plz cn u give me d spcl recipe of making chilli paneer or any other paneer recipe plz bring a paneer dish video ..ur channel doesnt. have any…its a request

  9. Debanjana Dasgupta

    Ami aj banalam, tomader vedio ta dekhe dekhe.
    Darun hoyeche ☺☺

  10. Eta te narkol kora dile kemon hobe??

  11. Mou's Tasty Kitchen

    আমার খুব প্রিয় রেসিপি….রেসিপিটা অসাধারণ লেগেছে।ভালো লাগলো ভিডিওটা।দারুন একটা পদ!! নতুন রেসিপির অপেক্ষায় থাকলাম….

  12. Chicken biryani ki kore banabo

  13. Very Nice Recipe………….

  14. Muri ghonto dekhte chai…

  15. Anannya Sengupta

    All of ur recipees are wonderful and extraordinary. Can you pls share the preparation of mutton dal ghost which is a unique and popular mughal dish. I think it will match with both poila boishakh followed by eid as well

  16. Darun. Amra ata fullcopi diyeo you both of you.

  17. শ্রিজিৎ রবী

    What a co-incidence amar maa 21 tarikh ei ranna ta prothom bar amake kore khaoa lo

  18. Give me the recipe of schezwen fried rice.

  19. Taratari 1 million subscriber er jonno arektu diversity lagbe bole monee hocche … Bangladeshi + Other south asian country r recipes

  20. Never had…. Very interesting… Muri Ghonto is my fav so is potol… Combining both must be fantastic… Will try for sure… Please send a good Muri Ghonto recipe too

  21. Could this be made in a pressure cooker?

  22. Why do I remember Shayan Roy from buzzfeed?

  23. I need a recipe…which is bengali's most authentic ranna …..'macher tok' ……

  24. Awesome !!! Ami eta mocha ba thor dia kri.potol dia nischoi try krbo

  25. Apnar kora ta kotha dia nia6en plz janaben.khub valo

  26. Sundor……still w8ing for a Non-veg Muglai dish…plz☺

  27. Ultimate comfort food.

  28. There is a request please start non bong recipes too

  29. First time sunlm are nam

  30. Mankochu Bata Amar Thamma banaten….Can you guys make a blog on that delectable dish

  31. Something new .

  32. Your recipe is just amazing I tried this today…. It is so tasty

  33. Amar khub priyo ei recipe ta dekhanor jonno anek dhonnobad.khub valo laglo

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