Carl’s Jr NEW! ☆BEYOND MEAT® Vegetarian Burger☆ Food Review!!!

Carl’s Jr NEW! ☆1/4lb BEYOND MEAT® PLANT-BASED BURGER☆! 20g of protein, cheese if you want it, hold the bacon but add the veggies! Char-broiled and …


  1. Thanks for the only honest unpaid review of this burger. This is the reason I love your channel, it's open and honest. Great Job man. I appreciate it.

  2. The way he handles the burger is gross.

  3. I loved it !!!!!!!!

  4. I am vegetarian and got it anyway. I liked it a lot.

  5. thanks for trying it! as a vegan that believes in reducing the harm from factory farming, i appreciate your review 🙂

  6. I thought you were john c reilly for a second

  7. Love your shirt =]

  8. the energy in these videos are unmatched.

  9. This guy is really talented.

  10. @4:20 is what my gf looks like when I get through with her.

  11. beyond buger is mine longer like the green will i like it ? yes !!

  12. This is NOT the closest as it gets. I Challenge you to try the Impossible Burger

  13. PD TV Productions

    I'm a 100% carnivorous but I think it's worth the try

  14. Is that real cheese or vagan cheese?

  15. I didn’t think it was all that bad to be honest and I typically dislike non meat items.. that said it made it self known for several hours after which is something I could have honestly done without..

  16. Aren't u from step brothers?

  17. lol bro u a fucken slob

  18. you play with your food for 5 minutes like a 3 year old and then complain when it doesn't stay together, lol

  19. PD TV Productions

    Got to have it

  20. It took you 4 minutes to taste a plant based burger. Why?

  21. Lucas Jimenez-Porras

    Hey amigo. Yeah i gotta agree with you. But it is a good burger. I bought it twice

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