Can You Find Vegetarian Food In Vietnam? (While Teaching English in Vietnam)

Can you find vegetarian and vegan food in Vietnam? I answer this question from a cool little restaurant in Saigon, Vietnam. Want to start teaching English abroad …


  1. Alex, I do not have any TEFL training but I would like some, I would also like to go to vietnam… that of course means being trained in vietnam. If I was to go to vietnam through your website how much would it cost me? i'm very broke but I would want to go to vietnam for about 6 – 8 months

  2. My wife has celiacs disease, if you have time for a gluten free one? 😎 we are always looking for places. great video.

  3. Is that ur gf?

  4. Well, I'm a man, so that is a question I'd never ask anyway……

  5. Now do a meat one. Any spots to have a braai?

  6. Great food video Alex!

  7. Good to know. Food looks good.

  8. The food looked awesome… But, you didn't specify what was in the dishes!? Did I miss that???

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