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  1. Hey Kate, so I'm a similar height and build to your starting weight, with a little bit of extra muscle, because I'm pretty active (I'm 5'2", 125 pounds and on a typical day I'll spend 1h-1h30 working out and most of my day walking). I also have a past of restrictive eating and was underweight for a long time. I feel extremely uncomfortable in my body- I feel like I'm walking around in a fat suit- but I'm finding it extremely difficult to lose weight. I eat around 1600-1900 calories a day of raw food. The only fat I eat is half an avocado perhaps 5/7 days of the week. There are a few things where I think I'm going wrong, however: sometimes, I'll only eat dates all day (with some romaine as well) and when I eat my salads, I put a lot of salt in the salad dressing. Do you have any tips for overcoming a dependency on salt? I can't seem to stop eating it :(

  2. Just found your channel and I'm obsessed!

  3. there is definitely a difference between eating until you're full and satisfied and eating just because !!

  4. Marceline Motionless

    Any tips for gaining weight on a vegan diet?

  5. Hi! Love love your videos!! What was your transition to a raw vegan like?

  6. you should make a video about menstrual health while eating a raw vegan diet. do you still get your period??

  7. Calories don't automatically get turned into fat if they're not burned though, that's an oversimplification. You poop out calories and your metabolism will raise to burn off some calories before turning any into fat. Then turning carbs into fat usually burns fat in the process, haha. But yes, if you go truly above and beyond your body's ability to process the food then it can be turned to fat, but for whole plant carbs that takes a lot of effort still, and usually the more fruit you eat, the more fruit you poop because your body knows what to do with the excess :)

  8. I like you a lot. You are so sensible and level-headed.

  9. very informative! awesome video!

  10. I have a question!
    (Oh and please ignore the profile picture. lol. I'm a real person.)
    I'm recently trying to become a vegetarian (hopefully a vegan in the long run.) I feel really full after eating a salad, but then I'm hungry again in 2-3 hours. I'm worried I'm not getting enough calories because you said that a diet centered around meat and dairy has more calories than a diet focused on vegetables and fruits if they happen to be the same size. I do Cross Country, so I don't want to pass out someday because of lack of food. How do I become more adjust to eat more vegetarian food so I can get the same amount of calories as I did before with my old diet?

  11. Well spoken!

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  16. am i able to get your ebook on my kindle? :))

  17. What if I want to lose weight but I don't want to be raw?

  18. I only found your channel recently but you've quickly become one of my favourite channels 😀 really tempting me into trying raw vegan foods!

  19. I'm so excited about yours book!!! When is it coming out?

  20. Hey, great video thanks! I know you can't be exact, but what's a good range of calories for someone who gets very little exercise and wants to lose weight?

  21. You're the first person I 100 percent agree with on this topic! You're an awesome mentor I have a very similar story and background as you do and I have learned through my experimentation everything you just said! Glad you're on YouTube giving accurate healthy advice:)

  22. are still 100% raw Kate?

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