California-Style Veggie Burgers- Healthy Appetite with Shira Bocar

Shira Bocar gives ordinary veggie burgers a hearty and flavorful shake up with a recipe that includes pintos, spinach, sautéed shiitake mushrooms, and onions.


  1. replacement for bulgur?

  2. had to double check the date of this video – congratulations on the ?second? baby Shira! Sending <3 from Toronto!

  3. how long can they freeze & can they be uncooked?/ thanks you

  4. Congratulations!!! Please be mindful of your belly when working with the over.. We have a habit of for getting how round it becomes. Having burned mine at 9 months, pulling out something from the over!!

  5. angeliqueinhollywood

    This looks so delicious. I'll be making it this weekend !

  6. You can call it what you want to but there's no such thing as a veggie burger if it doesn't have meat it's not a burger therefore there's no such thing as a veggie burger what you have here is a salad sandwich

  7. When people don't know the difference between vegetarian and vegan… congrats on your pregnancy Shira, that vegetarian burger is very creative!

  8. What could you use other than egg to bind it?

  9. lets just call it an avocado sandwich with that much on.

  10. Roasting Thyme

    Super prego mom smelling power. “ Mmmm smell that spinach” lol

  11. Are you pregnant again? Congrats!

  12. That looks like an easy veggie burger recipe to make.

  13. Congratulations on the baby but that looks like the nasty patty in the thumbnail

  14. chris degrazio

    Love that you work while you're pregnant. It's empowering & inspirational to see you successful while humbly providing amazing recipes & ideas. Have a good week everyone ( :

  15. just no.

    A boosted immune system is multiple sclerosis, arthritis, muscular dystrophy, diabetes. A "boosted" immune system says you are very, very sick!
    Yes, this is healthy but for cripes sake stop passing it off as some "super food" ~another term I despise.
    Nurse 40 years.

  17. Her hair reminds me of mulan's hair

  18. Awww, her baby belly makes her look so beautiful. =)

  19. You eat this if you want to be healthy not if you’re VEGAN. Stop complaining people she used 1 egg, if you’re not up for that substitute it with water then .

  20. Cooking Lessons for Dad

    That looks amazing! I love burgers and it is so nice they are healthy!

  21. Leather Pants Guy

    What can we substitute the mushrooms with? And congratulations on the baby!

  22. Looks like an amazing recipe. Thx

  23. That looks amazing but you just know it tastes like beans.

  24. Showel Hossain

    You look beautiful and also the food …

  25. What are we going to do when you give birth? 🙁 Just bring the baby

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