Cajun Chickpea & Carrot Salad – Great Vegan Weight Loss Recipe!

SUBSCRIBE HERE: This Cajun chickpea & carrot salad is an easy vegan weight loss recipe that is packed with fresh flavors.


  1. MintyDanɴ “Marie” Luvs

    I NEED THAT NOW please. I love salads, I wish that salad could appear right next to me right now.

  2. Can you please make a vegan butter or mock oil that is fat free 🙂
    (Like ur yummy vegan Mayo)
    When I use veg broth and water to replace oil, my family does NOT like the dish at all 🙁 please help !!!

  3. Annmarie Farthing

    I can't wait to try this

  4. Looks tasty!

  5. You are amazing in the kitchen! I just recently found your channel and can't wait to try all your recipes! Thank you for sharing your creativity and talent in the kitchen with us!!!

  6. You are amazing! Thanks so much for taking the time to share some wonderful recipes.

  7. This looks so good!!

  8. Whoa! This looks AMAZING! I can't wait to try this out :)

  9. You're a doll. When I became a vegan about a year ago you were the first vegan chef I followed and still am following! Your recipes are yummy and your personality is sweet and wholesome. Keep up the good work and thank you so much

  10. Great video!!

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