Cabbage Chana Dal Salad by Manjula, Indian Vegetarian Food

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  1. Corazon Rosacena Abiasada

    she sook the dal for 2 hours

  2. Looks so good! Yum.

  3. Chana Dal is not cooked how can you eat it ?

  4. did you cook chana Dal ?

  5. All your recipes that I'd watched so far look so tasty although totally vegetarian.  This salad is a keep!  Thanks/

  6. I didn't have the time to soak the grains, but to keep up with the theme I added very well drained and rinsed can garbanzo beans. Everything else equal, I prepared the salad today. It was so delicious!! …and so easy to make! yummy!! Next time I'm planning to do it as suggested! I'm guessing I lost a little bit of crunch! Yet, it was delicious! thanks a lot for sharing!

  7. Thank you!! I can't wait to make this 🙂 Yummy!

  8. It is small split chick peas (garbanzo beans).

  9. i love your recipes!!!

  10. good one manjulaji.. this will serve well with white rice i think. thanks for sharing it with us.

  11. Hi, I made this salad and accompanied it with some quartered veggie patties from costco, very tasty!

  12. Manjula's Kitchen

    Indian grocery stores

  13. what is chana dal and where can i buy it?

  14. hi,
    i will watching your recipes.It's so good.How to make PATRA recipe.
    u know what is this?
    then u know's plz show this item

  15. Yumm! Looks very good. Thanks.

  16. why don't you use any garlic for your any recipe?

  17. Chana dal is not red lentils.Red lentil is masoor dal.

  18. This recipe is very high Alkaline, an since ive been going vegetarian these past couple months, I went from an acidic body to a current 7.5 alkalinity. Thank you Manjula for your helpful recipes.

  19. This salad looks GORGEOUS!!! And the combination of flavors sound very, very good. I can't wait to try it.

    I don't even need to tell everyone how healthful it is, too. You don't have to eat boring food to eat healthful food.

  20. Something for the health conscious.

  21. Manjula's Kitchen

    chana dal is not cooked soak long enough so it is soft takes about two hours.

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