Butchers Taste Test Vegan Food

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  1. So basically vegan food is pretty as art and dry as a desert.

  2. Tyler Christian

    I like how they pick the most bland ass looking food on earth for the real food and have professionally made super green and fresh looking fake food for the vegan stuff

  3. This chocolate is actually made by people that are doing yoga at the time they make it.

  4. Shoulda made them try a Beyond Burger. Those are damn delicious vegan burgers. You'd seriously believe it was meat if no one told you. Looks, smells, tastes and cooks just like meat.

  5. Not too sure but I think it's dry

  6. Hailey Nichole

    I like the way he says burger

  7. Things have changed a LOT in 2 years. I seriously just had chicken strips that taste, smell, and feel like chicken.

  8. Why'd they make the saddest looking non vegan meal though?

  9. love their jackets

  10. I know several sportsman who eat all vegan when going out to eat but eat meat and fish they hunt at home. If you mixed these guys together and gave them killer restaurants to go to we're getting pretty close.

  11. My sister is a vegan and got me to try the vegan breakfast burrito and it was pretty good. It was MUCH better with a few slices of jalapenos! If I could afford to be a vegan and was able to have the supplies easily available I might consider it, but as it is, I will happily continue eating my meat.

  12. RecklessFire29

    See, I like stuff like this, as they're not just posturing for the sake of their cult/ego. These guys are clearly open to the idea of this food tasting good. Every "vegan tries" I've seen has one of them ranting about torture/murder/etc or acting like every bit of meat is going to make them hurl, and are generally the most unhealthy, depressing looking folks I've seen. Hats off to these guys for being real.

  13. That vegan "breakfast burrito" offends all my senses. Just the thought of those ingredients together is nauseating. Real tortillas are made with lard, and chickpeas have a horrible texture in general.

  14. BORGER

  15. Why does the "regular food" looked like shit?

  16. Something SomethingSomething

    Oh, look! Nobody spitting things into buckets.. whether that's because they're meat eaters or men I'll leave up to you, I'm just saying..

  17. Paul Smallriver

    Chop the tofu into tiny bits first. It will absorb the taste of the other ingredients.

  18. Edward Stefanyuk

    Meat. Always and forever.

  19. Interesting how they make the meat based products look so unappetizing. Sadly putting makeup on vegetables doesnt make it taste any better.

  20. Is this thing biased? Everything on the vegetarian side is bigger portion, and more colorfull, looks more home made, and on the meat side, its slob, low quality slob.

  21. Clément Colin

    In france a boucher would have spit on the food, said it's gross and insulted vegans before even tasting it.

  22. Why did you have to give them the bad type of vegan burger? hemp seed? really?

  23. To bad vegan food taste like crap and cost more then normal food.

  24. Animallover 1 208

    Be vegan people

  25. I love tofu

  26. I live with vegans. Their cooking has got to be the most bland flavourless I filling crap ever. If anyone tells me I’ve got to give up my steak, bacon or ribs for vegan food I’d rather kill and eat them instead

  27. Joggles McPooper

    I always support butchers.

  28. Newguyontheblock 1

    I don’t think anything is wrong in here just two men giving their opinion on a certain thing they don’t like the taste of

  29. "I'd say it's unbelievably healthy"
    Fun fact: Did you know that in tandem with Meat (For Protein), these meals would be perfect for your body? Of course that defeats the purpose of the whole "Vegan" thing, doesn't it?

  30. does every butcher looks like Jason Statham?

  31. Basement Dweller

    yah cows will get infections in their utters if you don't milk them

  32. "this chocolate is actually being made by people that are doing yoga at the time when they're making it" looooooooooool

  33. Vegans are stupid. Fuck them all

  34. I liked your videos guys and all but this one, my god. The first burger comparison is so biased that I refuse to watch the rest of the video (I presume it was made in the same style). Vegetarian burger was all decorated and dandy while meat burger was a stale bun with overcooked meat. I know the vids are for shits and giggles but I hate the unfair treatment in whatever form. Be ashamed of yourselves. Sucking vegeterians green dicks, damn bastards. (I have nothing against vegans but this just pissed me off)

  35. Butchers on awful vegan shit – Thoughtful, respectful, open.

    Vegans on sumptuous, seasoned, spectacular cuts of meat – I have to chew, the fuck is this? Oh those poor chicken lambs *retch retch

  36. Michael Wittmann

    Vegan """food"""

  37. I am not vegan but they said something that really makes a lot of sense, the vegan food can taste really good but it doesn't taste like meet and I think its the fact that it looks like meat and doesn't tast like it that is very off putting… If you had vegan good that doesnt look like mean, it would probably be mire widely accepted.

  38. Wow butcher is a lot nicer than most vegans

  39. William Hansen

    I'm neither vegan or vegetarian, but I do know that if you want to make vegan or vegetarian meals, you shouldn't make dishes that traditionally contain meat or dairy and substitute it for something else…

  40. Dante Howlstice

    I like how they go for the most expensive vegan stuff and then get the bottom of the barrel meat stuff.

  41. SuperHahaha1313

    I love how the vegan food looks like five star restaurant dishes, but the real food looks like shit from a Denny’s knock off

  42. Arthur Lagleyze


  43. Vegetarian and vegan food tastes as good as anything if it's seasoned well. I don't see the issue. We should all eat like vegetarians, that supplement with different meats.

  44. What does Jason Stathan with his brother doing here?

  45. Vegan food?
    Thats just eating sides for the rest of your life, there is no Vegan food that would not be the best food if they just put some meat in there.
    I mean, the… wait, is sheeple applicable here? … anyway, I mean the sheeple/people/vegans know their veggies, so a vegan meat burger would probably be the best burger.

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