BUDGET VEGAN MEAL PREP | 16 MEALS @avantgardevegan by Gaz Oakley

LOW COST VEGAN MEAL PREP 16 MEALS – ALL INGREDIENTS COST £15.00/$20.00 Recipe/shopping list – https://www.avantgardevegan.com/recipes/budget-meal-prep/ Please pre order my book Vegan 100…


  1. Ok, 2 days ago found one video of yours. I have now made almost everything you’ve showed-delicious! **and I’m not vegan/vegetarian—just an omnivore that appreciates excellent food! Thank you for the great videos (team!) and superior cooking skills!!!

  2. You look si cool and gently Man! I'm gonna give it a try to all your meal prep!

  3. Caffienated Ferret

    can I have your kitchen?

  4. Thanks for being thoughtful and giving tips for those of us who don't cook with oil. Great, timely video! Love watching your channel! (I'm another U.S. Viewer.)

  5. I want to make this soo bad!!!!

  6. Oh my goodness this kitchen is beautiful!

  7. Love the easy recipes and healthy! !!!!

  8. Way to much cooking the food. Your killing most of the nutrients. Why not use broccoli sprouts and grow them. Way way way more nutrients than a steamed broccoli. love the channel. cool ideas and things taste good. thanks

  9. Please stop with the moving camera!!!

  10. Cheyenne Danielle

    Them eyesssssss though

  11. Hi Gaz, I'm exploring vegan cooking and I found you channel. Congratulations it is very informative and is the first time I find a vegan cook looking for flavor. A lot of the vegan cooking videos and recipes I found are very blend, simple and not very attractive to try, yours on the other hand I can wait to try them. I have a question/suggestion for one of your videos, you mention some ingredients like tofu, yeast, gluten free flour, coconut oil that I have no idea where to find them or how to use them as I never used on my regular cooked meal. Tofu for instance, how do I have to look for a good tofu, or cous cous what are the properties for a good cous cous. You used coconut oil and it look very transparent, but the one I have seen is more like a white paste. I understand for you as you are accustomed to all of this and maybe for your followers is normal and natural but as I'm starting I'm a bit lost. Appreciated if you could guide me. Thanks in advanced.

  12. lmao why your eyes red?

  13. Ive watched a few of your videos and im really enjoying them! I have gone ahead and purchased your book and i cant wait to get it at the end of february!

  14. love this video!

  15. Elizabeth Navarro

    I made your high protein meal prep for this week and it’s so delicious! Can’t wait to make this for next week!! Please keep the high protein meal preps coming!!

  16. Really nice! But how could you afford chia seeds but not oats? Aren't oats cheaper?

  17. Your videos give me inspiration to continue giving my best to eat a plant based diet! Thank you!

  18. Damnnn it all looks delicious. I'm definitely trying!

  19. Oh my!!!! Looking amazing!!!!!!!!!!

  20. So glad I found your channel! Keep it up xx

  21. … sooo no one's gonna mention that Blond tee huh?

  22. This is incredible! I would love to make these for my husband for his work lunches! Thank you for making budget friendly meals <3 Appreciate you and all your hard work! God Bless!

  23. That man is hot

  24. Wowwwww!! Great job, keep up

  25. I pre-ordered your cookbook  a month ago. I'm going to feel like a kid at christmas, rushing home from work and frantically hoping it's on my doorstep!

  26. GENIUS!! Love how clearly you explain everything and the format as well!!!

  27. i would use maple syrup or coconut nectar instead of agave but these look awesome!!

  28. I'm trying to eat two vegan meals a week by cooking them at home. Hopefully these meals taste good. Most of the vegan stuff I tried so far tasted really bland.

  29. love the close-up shot of the frank ocean sweater lmao

  30. I love these videos (and you, haha) they're so helpful 🙂 Thank you♥

  31. Love your videos. Thank you for demonstrating how simple vegan can be, fast and efficient on a budget.

  32. Why are you in a different kitchen every video?

  33. Amazing!

  34. Hey from Russia and i'm so so glad to found ur channel

  35. Thanks for these ideas. We already use only buckwheat for pancakes as they are more flavorful and healthy than the white flour based. Can't wait to get your cookbook. I asked my husband for it for one of my Xmas gifts and he was surprised it wasn't even published and I wanted it!

  36. Breanna Eickholdt

    I’ve been wanting to go vegan for a while now, but I’m always so busy. I just found you from off of Instagram and I’m about to buy the cook book, Vegan100, so I can start to live a vegan lifestyle because you’re food looks bomb! Thanks dude!

  37. Jesus … This guy. Where did he come from

  38. Adding some mint to the couscous gives it a really good touch 😀

  39. Omg I love you xx

  40. Many people say it would be too expensive to go vegan. We must educate the masses. Could you do more common recipes for people who dont know quinow or buckwheat with the written recipe?

  41. Love your videos! Love the quality.. the food.. the colour and your charisma!

  42. That looks terrible..

  43. Cous cous ??? It’s not couscous ! It’s semolina ! The couscous is the dish with vegetables , meat , and sauce !

  44. Why buckwheat flour?

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