budgetmeals #99centsonlystores #dothe99 In honor of hitting 2k+ subscribers on Instagram I am doing a double feature and showing you guys my fried rice and …


  1. Barbara Rivera

    Vegan dessert yummy

  2. Everything looked delicious !!! I’ll be sure to keep my eyes opened for the meatless chick n strips! Thanks for sharing !

  3. OMG…you found Gardein at the 99???? That's awesome. The only brand name vegan/vegetarian product I've ever seen at mine is a couple of Boca products and that was a year ago. That was an interesting stir fry dish, looks tasty, as does the dessert!

  4. Mommy & Kimberly's Adventures

    Thanks for sharing sway great video…..

  5. Adriana Alonso

    Hi Sway could I used regular milk to do the dessert not a big fan of almond milk.

  6. Great video

  7. OG thrifter Goodwills

    You have to soak the leaks cuz there's a lot of dirt between them if you don't you'll have dirt inside your leaks

  8. That desert has my name on it. Definitely gonna try it. I can imagine the smells coming from the fried rice. Yummy.

  9. oh yum on that desert …I need to make something like that soon!

  10. Valeri Hamilton

    That dinner and dessert looks so great. I'm going try that tmrw night. that you for sharing with us.

  11. The fried rice looks yummy!! And the dessert looks yummy as well. I'm going to make the dessert for my grandbabies. They love sorbet and I think they will love this to. Thanks so much for taking the time to share. God bless and enjoy your night~

  12. Would you do leeks again? I've never cooked with them either.

  13. Hi Sway #Dothe99 looks so good even if I'm not vegan I'm a meat eater lol but love eating healthy great video thank you I got some those measuring cups love them be sure to rinse leeks well or soak in water they have grit like sand inside

  14. The Native Family

    Looks amazing as always!!!!

  15. This looks really yummy. with the Leek you might want to cut it in half and soak it clean it out cuz it gets kind of gritty sometimes with sand and dirt. Love them in soups

  16. Looks delicious! Definitely need to try the ice cream

  17. Yummy icecream I need to get a mixer like that to make homemade ice cream.

  18. Yummy, me and the kiddos have been obsessed with pineapple lately.

  19. Love the thumbnail

  20. Everything always looks delicious.

  21. I'm gonna try the dessert too.

  22. Hi Sway awesome video! I'm going to try that dessert it looks delicious.

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