Budget-Friendly 4-Ingredient Veggie Soups

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  1. I loooove beet soup!

  2. This is just warm veggie smoothies

  3. Kim's Reptiles the Netherlands

    Good way to empty the freezer!

  4. Bakwaas …. infct Maha Bakwaas

  5. Add some cream and you have better soups and still 4/5 ingredients.

  6. At least use an actual vegetable stock and not water. These “soups” will be pretty tasteless with just the water you boiled the vegetable in. Put other veggies in and some basic spices. I can’t imagine how gross these must taste. Baby food

  7. @all the people in the comments, what is your definition of soup exactly ? Cause that's how I, and like everyone else in France, does it, you just boil up vegetables, in vegetables broth obviously, if you just use water it'll be gross I agree. And then you just blend them, but with a hand blender, tasty's way is a bit weird. No need for more seasoning. And voilà, you have a great soup !

  8. These are 1-ingredient vegetable purees. Water, salt, and pepper don't count, and they're not soup.

  9. Krippy Krippy Krippy Krippy Kush Kush Kush Kush

    Smoothie basically

  10. Sara López Castillo

    When tasty discovers the puré of my abuela

  11. These are just vegetable purees not soups kthxbye

  12. Also works with… Olives

  13. these muthfckers boil water and call it soup…goodbye

  14. Soup or puree ??

  15. Erins Weightloss Journey

    These are purees. Lol not soup

  16. That looks more like baby food than soup

  17. Bruh this like some vegetable puree , this isnt soup

  18. No like it

  19. how easy to make soup, just blend your food.

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