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  1. Hello mam, I have shed almost 14 kgs of weight following your recipes. Your recipes are so easy to follow and hassle free that they are always on my list of meals. I have become more inclined to natural ingredients and prefer home made instead of purchasing from the store. Thank you so much mam for giving a way to guilt free eating. Regards.

  2. Is there any alternate for soya sauce or we can skip it

  3. What is brown rice . Is it wheat

  4. excellent thanks

  5. Mam absolutely love your recipes

  6. This looks very delicious and beautiful ❤️

  7. I didn't used it For Weight Loss I used it for a date and wow she liked it Even me , but now the Problem is She want the rice every time she visits

  8. Lizzy Opara - Nadi

    Hi from the UK and have just subscribed to your channel too. I eat brown rice and try to make different healthy recipes but sometimes I run out of ideas but watching the way you made this fried rice recipe helped me even more. It does certainly look healthy and yummy which I will try to make soon. Thanks for sharing your amazing video too.

  9. Brown rice or brown jasmine rise which one is good?

  10. Hello mam weight watch wala use karti brown rice yeah chalga khana mao

  11. kalyani Yannamani

    How much water needed to cook brown rice in electrical cooker

  12. U should mention the calories also

  13. How Much will we loose in a month

  14. Whichbrown rice have you used

  15. Namaskaram madam

  16. Thanks mam

  17. Hello Aunty…..i am from Muscat…..your recipes made to start my weight loss journey in healthy way……very motivated….. as all your recipes are good replacement for unhealthy but tasty foods. I am on your 10 days 10 kg meal plan……thanks for your efforts in creating a healthy lifestyle in the community.

  18. Helo mam can you make the video for weight loss pasta

  19. Worked well for me .. thank you..

  20. Super taste

  21. Nice video

  22. Nice and healthy weight loss recipe

  23. Wanted to ask for one glass of brown rice how much water should we use to cook them? Please help

  24. নতুন জীবনের সন্ধানী

    Healthy and tasty

  25. Suganthi Vijayarangam

    Mam do brown rice contain more arsenic than white rice

  26. Where is the protien? I think high protein and less carbs more veggies

  27. Nice recipe. But, that's not the correct way to cook brown rice. You don't cook brown rice the way you do pasta, you would be boiling out all the nutrients. To cook rice, use one part rice to two parts water. Bring rice and water to a boil of high heat. Once boiling, stir, cover and reduce heat to low simmer for 30 to 45 minutes depending on the grain. Finally, turn off heat, do not remove lid and let stand 10 minutes.

  28. chandrakanth chandu

    Brown rice is Basmati rice or normal brown rice.. Plz reply madam

  29. Instead of coconut oil can I use butter?

  30. Can I use ghee instead of oil

  31. can we use soy n green or red chilli sauce

  32. gud one….can u sueggest any brand for brown rice

  33. Very helpful video!

  34. Tq for weight loss recipes

  35. Delicious recipe! The first batch I made was perfect and then I tried to double it and used two Chili's. It was so hot I could hardly eat it. I substituted celery for the cabbage the first time and it was great! I would mention the size of your shallots and the type of chillies maybe a little more specifically when you are demonstrating. Thank you for great eating; I shared with my daughters

  36. Shahitha Shafeeq

    Thankyou mam for this amazing fried rice. God bless you mam.

  37. I'm from andhra, kerala foods are always healthy.

  38. super mdm

  39. Calories??

  40. Which brand brown rice is used in this recipe, Nisa?

  41. You are so sweet while imparting your recipies. Love from Pakistan.

  42. A biggggg thumps up mam

  43. ritu Lalchandani

    Mam the brown rice we have a home take 2 hours to get cooked….

  44. Nice nice

  45. Thank you for the recipe…..☺️

  46. Ma'am loved your rescipe thank you so much …also loved your motar and pestle..please can you tell from where you got it …

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