My brother and I try out Vegan foods for the first time! Bit of a plot twist… ▻ Grab Some Merch – ▻ Subscribe – …


  1. VEGAN CHOCOLATE IS JUST REGULAR CHOCOLATE MY GOSH. it just doesn’t have milk jees it’s like dark chocolate

  2. Why does James always look so depressed

  3. I hate how when people know that something is labeled vegan, they overreact and act likes it’s the worst thing in the world. Like if he ate or without knowing it’s vegan, then he would have a totally different reaction

  4. Wow. You’re like the polar opposites. He’s negative, you’re positive, he hates everything, you like everything (or at least open to things) he’s closed minded, you’re open minded…

  5. I loved James’ reaction to the bacon

  6. I've had moofree milk chocolate before and thought it sucked tbh

  7. PrincessBabyBunBun

    Omg I literally laughed so much at the end of this video ollie taking the Mickey out of James haha

  8. Melissa Tanatswa Mudzviti

    Or do a challenge where you guys try things you dont know and try to guess

  9. Melissa Tanatswa Mudzviti

    You should try mixing some vegan stuff in or make him vegan food that looks like normal meat food and see if he notices a differenve

  10. oreos are vegan too!

  11. James acting like a 4 year old

  12. I know going vegan is good for slowing down climate change etc but think of all the people that are going to lose their jobs! Farmers etc and people that work in the food industry, they should focus on the biggest polluter of air traffic and like planting more trees like the team trees movement that is currently going on

  13. Vegans annoy the hell out of me with the names, beacon is made by a pig, chicken nuggets are made by chicken and burgers are made by cows ffs

  14. I love vegan brownies they are the best

  15. Who’s been A HUGE fan before 2019??

    Gifting my next 67 subscribers that have notis on

  16. U do vegans dont like off substitutes to meat and dairy… that's not nutritious

  17. Like below this comment If you think james act like a 7 year old

  18. great, now I want falafels and it's 2 A.M. where I live.

  19. 10,000 Subscribers Just With Comments

    Sub to me for no reason whatsoever

  20. Is it just me or does James always look stoned

  21. I’m not vegan but I’m a vegetarian I love the quorn scotch eggs

  22. James just has a fixed mindset from the first one

  23. How old is James like 7 cause he acts like a total wuss at the start of the vid

  24. can you try vegan Ben and Jerry’s? <— they have some top-notch flavors in my opinion.

  25. You guys making me feel ill. The vegan / Corn foods are awful. I been on corn foods for 3 months and I'm glad I'm back on proper meat.

  26. I feel like how James reacts is how YouTube’s would react to stuff and how oli reacts is when they sponsored by the products

  27. A lot of Quan is vegetarian. They are made with eggs and milk.

  28. Whenever I watch a video like this, I always trust Oli's opinion. not James. Oli

  29. I would hope everyone has tried something vegan you know fruits vegetables

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