breakfast recipes for losing weight

breakfast recipes for losing weight video link: breakfast recipes for losing your weight, loss your waight 70% by eat this recipes and …


  1. Margurite Schieferstein

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  3. who has time to make the first one (40 mins in oven) for breakfast?  These are not breakfast ideas unless you get up 2 hours ahead of time to make them and clean up from them and eat them before you head out the door to work.  and who eats chicken and rice for breakfast?  I would change this title to lunch or supper recipes… it would be closer to the truth.

  4. its called BREAKfast
    because your providing your organs a rest when sleep

    to BREAK this fast with all this cooked protein
    is disastrous for your digestive system

    look into " natural hiegene society" diet & healthy lifestyle

    yogurt for good bacteria. for colon
    and protein for teeth& bones

    fruit only in mornings to break FAST

    can make smoothies and get green powders
    into your system for their additional cleansing effect

    before veggies and fav foods AT Lunch&dinner

  5. your cooling life vitamins out of these veggies
    put spinach last in steamer!
    herbs are good though

  6. Are you sure that this video is about 'BREAKFAST recipies for LOSING weight'?

  7. mjhe slemming powderbataiye

  8. William T. Alverez

    Very informative. Its chock full of great ideas and recipes that allow a person to eat tasty food and yet lose weight and each recipe includes the nutritional value. The recipes are well written and the instructions are easy to follow. I have learned much useful information from this .Very well written and easy to understand. Highly recommended for everyone.

  9. Did you just… ????? freaking REPOST one of Carly Rowena's videos?

  10. Zulqarnain Bukhari


  11. how much fat and calories are their in it

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  14. Those are some terrible breakfast ideas. maybe for a nice lunch or dinner. Oh and fuck you for clickbait bullshit.

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  17. no licking the bowl.. 😛 😛 …hahahaha…
    these recipes are good yaar.. i like these..
    keep going.. 🙂

  18. si como esto. me da el chorro.


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  22. I know these are good breakfasts for most ppl but these foods would put me to sleep instantly lol, my body craves fruit and yogurt in the morning. Thanx for sharing.

  23. minus the butter lol

  24. Lachelle Boccard

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