Breakfast Burrito | Vegan & Epic | THE HAPPY PEAR

This is a great weekend treat when you have a little extra time to spend on breakfast. We’ve been trying out different combinations of ingredients and this is …



    3:22 memes

  2. BEANS!!!!!

  3. Soyrizo would of been a great addition as well.

  4. you guys are geniuses! so i can use regular baked beans from say Heinz?
    thanks for the great content!

  5. dis anyone else hear the giant locust fly by when he added the cumin powder?

  6. Replacement for avacados? Here in India, avacados are very very expensive!

  7. island sanctuary santa fe bantayan island

    Great stuff!

  8. Loved it

  9. Haha you guys could make a sandwich peanut butter sound really great to eat

  10. You guys have inspired my to cook again.

  11. Where are you from guys?

  12. These would be delicious anytime of the day!

  13. Love

  14. Great video. Really enjoying this. Hope to see a video on the lasagna filled with sunshine!

  15. Source Fractal OOTB

    Enjoy your recipes and show but I’ve read the fire outside the circumference of the pan is wasted. ??

  16. You deserve more subscribers!

  17. Any mushroom? I wanna use the death cap!

  18. My favorite part is when you guys finally take a bite. You are always so enthusiastic.

  19. Amazing!! Made this for my non-vegan parentals, and they are always taken aback by the incredible flavor in all of your recipes!

    One question: do you have any alternatives for tamari by chance? I am trying to minimize salt in my diet.

  20. I like these guys and their recipes but I can't believe they haven't burned down their kitchen yet!

  21. Ashley Nicole Stevens

    This looks delicious! Excited to try it!

  22. Oooo love it! Will make it this weekend! Thanks guys!

  23. Thank you for this receipt, can't wait to try it!

  24. love you guys!!!

  25. Quyn Ishtar Zurhorst

    Great balance between you two and a very well made video

  26. I am not a vegan but you guys have made me want to try out your recipes. thanks. Btw love your accents.

  27. YeshuaJesusisking V

    A tip for avacado: remove stem and if under it is black its bad if its slightly green its good. If its real green its too ripe

  28. Great Video! You guys are the best! just turned vegan with out a clue on what I can and cant eat. After watching your videos, I am so happy that being vegan and eating healthy does not have to be boring or tasteless. Keep up the good work! God Bless.

  29. " It's BAAAaaNGIN'! ". I love it when they say that! 😀 X

  30. Do you use organic vegetables when preparing your dishes?

  31. I love it… cheers…

  32. Vegan Cooking in North Vancouver

    i agree, you two are fast and furious dinner lunch breakfast ideas that are easy to remember. love your personalities, so real life. comedy … i love it, and best part for me is how you really love your viewers. so important to connect with us. keep it up you two looking forward to buying all your books as you create new recipes. love from north vancouver bc. canada xoxo

  33. Huus67209 Huus67209

    all you need for a good vegan burrito is Jalapeños and or Serrano chile peppers Garlic minced Cucumber sliced and seeded diced fine Tomato diced and Cilantro sliced and a pinch of oregano and lime juuce warmed up refried pinto beans with cheese and tortillas hot off of the comal. Heaven complete Heaven in the mouth

  34. Them boys r gonna have some gas bill

  35. Love you too!

  36. i can't eat tortillas due to a wheat allergy…but they look good!

  37. Are there subs for Shrooms?

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