Bread Masala Toast| Veg. Breakfast/Snack

Bread Masala Toast, a quick n easy vegetarian breakfast.. spicy chickpea flour batter-coated bread is toasted in very little oil Follow me on: Instagram: …


  1. thnxs very nice recipe


    I Will try it


    the respice easy and fast

  4. can u say me what flour u have taken

  5. really too easy and superb Tasty and tanks lot search a Tasty Bread Masala Toast!! i share this link all my friends and family too

  6. Thanks for a nice breakfast recipe for people living in other countries.. Looks delicious!!

  7. WaaaaaaaaaOOOOO

  8. yay successful hogaya ji….thanks …!!!

  9. thanks and u r reely cute…!!!

  10. and how does it taste ….!!!!!

  11. may u give me a luck wish coz this my first try for a dish like this but its really mouth watering. yummmm….

  12. actually I made a quick decision I'm goons try for dinner

  13. you are making me hungry , I will have this tomorrow morning thank you

  14. Hello dear friends.. here's my recipe for Bread Masala Toast.. It's a quick and easy vegetarian breakfast recipe, which can also be serve as a tea-time snack.. please do try it and let me know.. Thank you!!

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