Blueberry Baked Oatmeal Bars- Vegan Breakfast Ideas

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  1. How do these compare taste wise to the blueberry oatmeal bars that you made a few years ago (the recipe that was on your fundamental home website page)?

  2. Do you think I could use dryed blueberries in this. I was gifted a huge bag.

  3. Samandmegetbetter 1

    So impressed with how much you have embraced the vegan diet Amanda, thanks for sharing you vegan recipes and by example encouraging other to try the vegan diet also.You're look great and I bet your feeling great too xxxx

  4. Frugal Family of 6

    These look delicious. We love anything blueberry here. Thanks for sharing xx

  5. for people that use vegan milks you can also add almond or cashew milk! I stopped drinking dairy milk because it’s so much better for my skin so that could be an option for people like that:)

  6. Instead of water i can use almond milk right?? And thank u so much for making some vegan recioe videos!!!

  7. Ashley J. Heilprin, Esq.

    Do you have a video on what made you go vegan and how you transitioned?

  8. Hi Amanda, please share the link again to your Pampered Chef party, I can't find it . Thanks

  9. MegaAnonymousfreedom

    love this

  10. I will have to make these for my boys!!

  11. This looks nice for cool weather, I love anything with oatmeal. Are you still having success with weight loss with eating vegan? Thanks for sharing.

  12. Looks delicious gonna give it a try thanks for the share!

  13. This looks delicious!

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