Black People Try Vegan Soul Food ‘For the First Time’

Subscribe today! What happens when we put five Black comedians in front of some vegan soul …



  2. "chicken flavored spam" bawhaha

  3. "That's vegan jewelry"

  4. "A white vegan made that" lmao yeah I'm a black vegan and I'll be the first to say I have to season tf out of everything a white vegan gives me

  5. bruhhh

    "you leave the club with kim kardashian, that bitch break down into remy ma"

  6. that bitch with the short hairs voice annoys the fuck outta me


  8. teddy too funny

  9. i'm a vegan but this video was soo damn funny lmao. "i can be a vegan shrimp…… bitch"

  10. YouTube and the testing vegan food bandwagon is so tired already. I guess continuing to make vegans the target of jokes is still funny? Even with alllll the of the knowledge of why vegan is better not only for you, but the animals ,environment , and the planet as a whole. Screw these peoples opinions online, go try the things for yourself.

  11. " I can be a vegan shrimp bitch" hahah

  12. 3rd world child baby

    We all know that chain is fake doughboy

  13. The blonde one sounds like a man wtf

  14. "I could be a vegan shrimp bitch" LMAO I DIED

  15. "so they make a animal in the lab?" lol

  16. Hilarious video……but any woman and you pick Remy to down play lol naaaaw man that's whack. You sleep or something?? She BAD…and in her own lane! Still got my 'like' lol

  17. I wanna see old black people try vegan soul food

  18. Press Secretary Nevis

    Tony Baker look fine as hell!!

  19. "You're gonna get cussed the fuck out by a big bitch named Aunt Bill, who's gonna tell her to get the fuck out of her waffle house" New senior quote

  20. Japanese soil omggggg

  21. The women who are clearly men. Made this vid rubbish

  22. Happily Ever After

    It's like baking breath lol

  23. "Obviously this aint real shell fish"

    "SO WHAT NI**A?!"

    I DIED

  24. teddy is hilarious

  25. Funny vid! I just tried vegan food for the first time. peep the vid let me know what you think

  26. Try speaking English. Use a vocabulary I can understand

  27. "That is a napkin!" LMAOAOAOAOA

  28. This is the Gucci version of buzzfeed

  29. Simple Natural Haircare

    They were furious at that chicken

  30. Mmmmhmmm! And fuck these bitches and fuck these hoes!

  31. Try surstromming

  32. people always got somet to say about vegan but they always incorrect i dont get it why they so fucked

  33. Remy MA gonna fuck up teddy ray tho

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