Bisi Bele Bath | Bisi bele Bath powder| South Indian Lunch Recipe | Sambar Rice

Delicious South Indian Lunch or Dinner Recipe from Karnataka. Ingredients: Sona Masoori Rice(washed) – 1/2 Cup Pigeon Peas (Toor Dal) – 1/2 Cup minus 2 …


  1. hai Sruthi sister very nice sssuuppeerr neat explained

  2. I love the details that you go into making the spice powder

  3. Tonight's dinner…. Hope it turns out just like yours. Thank you!

  4. Hi Shruthi, just to let you know I made this today and it came out excellently. Just that I can't get curry leaves where I live…but even without that the spice combination and method is just excellent. And it's so satiating and nutritious! Thanks!!!

  5. it looks very yummy and my husband loves bisibele bath I am gonna try this

  6. The Kitchen Ditcher

    A whole meal in itself! Great to take for lunch!! Amazing! Thanks for sharing!!

  7. Sruthi, is your cooker 3.5 litre? if yes where did you buy the separator, what size would you recommend.

  8. I like your presentation of recipe.expecting more recipe.Thank you.

  9. Shruti accidently I came across your YouTube site while looking for some recipe.  Love your simple, step by step, easy to follow instructions.  I came here accidently but will visit here often to learn new recipes. 
    By the way your new kitchen looks very nice! All the best!!

  10. Maulik Patel (Jason Tom)

    i tried it !! it was made so awesome.
    Thank you Shruti!!

  11. hey sruthi, very yummy recipe will definitely try.Previously you did a haul video, please do such haul videos too, would like to see.

  12. Love it! When are you coming out with a cookbook? Even an ebook would be great! I'll be one of your first customers :)

  13. Thank you, this is really good

  14. One of the moat amazing dishes out of Karnataka! Thank you for sharing! 

  15. Superb presentation!!Am a fan of your kitchen kadhais n fry pan.Where have you purchased it from??

  16. What is the capacity of the cooker?and where can I find that container u have used?

  17. wonderful recipe sruthi… perfect..will definitely try…:)

  18. Sruthi, are those red radish same as the white one (mullangi) ? I mean do they taste the same

  19. Thank you Sruthi for a wonderful recipe. I am from Trinidad and I'm learning to make authentic Indian Dishes. I have tried a few of your recipes and they came out great. Your recipes are easy to follow and your explanations are very clear. I am definitely going to try this one. Thanks again.

  20. very nice recipe….wanted to ask you that which brand cookware you use for both stainless steel and non stick?

  21. Its 'Bele' and not 'Beli' bhath !

  22. I like ur way of presenting the recipe.Thanq

  23. Free Karaoke - By Pavan Patel

    very nice shruti!

  24. meru endukantha sannaga ayaru

  25. please tell me water quantity for cocking rice and Dhal ?

  26. Ganesan Rajagopalan

    As usual superb Sruthi Ji! Luckily I was not nearby when you were cooking! Else simply by watching this being done, the quantity of BBB would have increased considerably (too much mouth watering and hence)!! Thanks again

  27. wow looks yummy. my husband likes it very much.

  28. I love all your recipes sruthi. they are just amazing. your narration simply superb

  29. wonderful recipe yar

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