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Come with me as I take you on a journey to what I eat in a day to the best vegan food I’ve ever had in Spain! Vegan eating in Spain has been sooo amazing that I …


  1. Santiago Escudero

    Poor you! Non-vegan Spanish food is SO good

  2. Charly Machacek

    Amanda! You can make that pasta at home! It’s pasta aglio e olio it’s so delicious! Completely vegan just olive oil, garlic, lemon, red pepper flakes, parsley and pasta!

  3. Tasty Vegan Bites

    San Sebastian looks great!!I lived in Spain for nearly 8 years but never visited SAN Sebastian! Great video, it’s getting easier to eat out as a vegan these days. I have made a few vegan Spanish influenced recipes, check them out;

  4. liked and subbed, pls sub back

  5. You look like a Miss Universe contestant.

  6. Looks and sounds so fun

  7. Would you be able to make a video on places and restaurants to visit in Spain for those of us who might study abroad or visit?:)

  8. If you haven't already tried Vega (in Madrid) you NEED to! It's amazing, their croquetas are incredible!

  9. I used to live in Madrid for 2 years and the most beautiful city I've ever visited in Spain is Granada. It's just a 4-5 hour bus from Madrid and they have the worlds cutest vegan restaurant and the most amazing view I've ever seen in my life! Must try!

  10. Rice milk sorbet? yes, please!!!

  11. Hennessy Verduzco

    Ah! Where did you get the earrings in the first bit? The ones the are brown??

  12. Hey Amanda! Will be visiting Spain (Madrid and Southern Spain) in January. I'd love to know any cool attractions and must visit places

  13. Loved this video! You should do a best vegan eats in Spain after your trip as well or how to be vegan in Spain type of video.

  14. You should go for a hike, just outside Madrid (1 hour train from main station) is Cercedilla, where they have great mountain hiking routes! Google it, highly recommend

  15. Those lashes look fake or is it just me

  16. Somehow came across your channel and noticed the “throw what you know” canvas in a few of your vids, lol. ALAM, girly!

  17. I'm studying abroad in Valencia, Spain starting in January!!

  18. Diletta.Gringiani

    that past is called garlic oil and pepper pasta ( aglio olio e peperoncino) super traditional

  19. Defo visit Cáceres! Perfect for a weekend break, not overcrowded with tourists, beautiful medieval town… Can you tell I'm from there? ;p Hope you enjoy your stay in Spain!

  20. I'm vegan too. And I know some wines are not vegan, are you making sure the one you drink is?

  21. Like if you love her❤️


  23. Your earrings at 4:00 are eeeeverything! Please don't tell me you can only get them in Spain!!


  25. Young and Vegan

    love these videos so much!!

  26. I love these types of videos! And love that you're exploring most of the lesser known cities in Spain, definitely makes me want to go to San Sebastián someday!

  27. Definitely need to make our way over to Spain and try some vegan food there!

  28. You need to Stop trying to talk english like a white girl… you can still tell your accent and that your trying so hard !!!!

  29. Room/home tour?

  30. Where did you get your hoop earrings???

  31. more vlogs!

  32. Good~~

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