Best Non Vegetarian Street Food in Zakir Nagar, Delhi | Ramadan Special Food

Ramadan Mubarak Guys and in this video I went to Zakir Nagar to celebrate Ramadan this year. Clearly, Zakir Nagar has one of the best non-vegetarian street …


  1. Buff kabab bi khaleti ho Hindu hokr

  2. Mouth watering

  3. You beef eaten porki

  4. I love fatty meat and girls

  5. Baaf ni beef

  6. What is bffff

  7. Mohd Ishaque Ansari

    Happy Ramadan madam

  8. I love the way uhh explore everything

  9. Nice efforts☺☺☺

  10. Assam Tech Info

    Your explanation and clearity of words are awesome.. can't skip without seeing full video..doing great job.

  11. Abhishek Manchanda

    As usual, awesome video! Thank goodness that you actually tried exploring something different when every other so called food blogger is there in Jama Masjid area. I'll recommend Javed's Nihari in Zakir Nagar…please review that also.

  12. I'm on diet and l think I've put on 10 kg weight just looking at this video.The food looks absolutely delicious. Love your channel.

  13. In today's day and age, people who are conscious about health, would refrain from this stuff. I could have only possibly tried this once in 6 months.

  14. Wiki Chaudhary

    Mouth watering watering ho gaya
    Kal hi jana padega khane

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