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  1. Dont forget to share with someone that BENEFIT from this! Thanks for all the support!!! 😀
    The full recipe list is in the description box if you wanna try this out 🙂

  2. But… Where's the chicken??

  3. David Garvoille

    Boom! Just like that! Great menu…great info. Excellent editing work, too. Love the intercuts — esp. the "catastrophic flatulence" part. I'm such a little boy. Fart jokes never get old. Looking forward to watching your other videos. Keep up the good work.

  4. fernando moraleda

    Its great how all the products are spanish! easy to find for us living here!! thanks for the content!

  5. Caloric deficit of 2600??
    Are you training too?

  6. Great video , any substitute for the hummus ?

  7. The Johnny Canuck

    Soil is poison.

  8. Where can I get the protein powder?????

  9. Hi , your recipes are simple and healthy looking forward to try them out can you please upload some more food recipes .

  10. Thanks for the meal videos. They help a lot, especially because I am a cereal addict. Sometimes I eat it 3 times a day O.O I will try these meals (except the cereals XD) definitely

  11. Hey brother, I'm wondering what other fruits that can substitute the berry?
    Since from my place it it very hard to find one.

  12. In UK price, how much would this cost a month?

  13. 300g of dried lentils are roughly the equivalent to 1050g cooked lentils.
    There are 115g of dried lentils in a 410g can according to a quick google search

  14. how long

  15. No!no!no!no!no!no!
    That is not how you eat Tofu, don't you dear eat Tofu like that!!!!!

  16. Really nice video!

  17. I looooved your video!your dtyle is so unique!I laughed a lot at the beginning! the rest of the video look so good,clear,colorful,HD and I liked the mix info with the captures. I also loved the meal prep. Thanks!

  18. Love the meal prep videos massive help thank you

  19. nah fuck soy milk

  20. are orgánic vegetables ok?
    where can í find dried orgánic Tofu?

    wherewould can í buy lentils in a jar?

  21. Parmesan Granted

    Are you from Spain?

  22. Jon, please write VEGAN in the titles. Your videos are great for watching, informative and cool, but the ingredients are completely useless for non-vegans.

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