Best Juicing Recipes for Detox & Weight-loss | FullyRaw Vegan

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  1. Yesss thank you for uploading! !!
    Love you and lpt of love hugs form the netherlands! !

  2. You are amazing Kristina. Will def be downloading your app!

  3. For a detox, how many times a day should I have these juices and for how many days total?

    Should I avoid eating at all during the detox and only drink the juices?

  4. Rose-Ashleigh Johnson

    Yaaasss for the android version sis!

  5. Where can I get turmeric from our stores don't carry it.

  6. Love fennel juice

  7. NapturalButtafly

    Hi Kristina!!! I signed up for the challenge in December and I started getting the daily emails for the challenge starting on Dec 21st. I looked at the materials and the intro video and this video…and I still don't know the exact date the challenge starts. Have you set a date? i just want to make sure that I get my food for week one a day or 2 ahead of time. I also see that your get ready webinar in my library for this challenge but i never got notification for it. Thanks and sorry if I overlooked the starting date!

  8. Wait so if I made the orange turmeric juice let's say, are you saying to drink that all in ONE sitting ? Because you pour it into a mason jar and also have more left over. Drink the left over as well? Only asking because I don't want my body to go into shock lol

  9. So I’ve been eyeballing fennel the last few times at the grocery. Ok I’ll try it!

  10. Lachrisa Williams

    What juicer u recommend on a budget

  11. I just bought my first juicer and joined the 21 day New year New you challenge, I can't wait to try these!

  12. I have a question please: why is it necessary to strain the juice?

  13. Annamaria Dienes

    Happy New Year and thank you for the wonderful juices!Keep up the good vibes and work!Well done!:)

  14. josiane vander gheylen

    all this liquid sugar from fruits for weight loss ?????

  15. Hola Kristina! One thing, do you recomend to add some chia seeds or poppy seeds to the juices? Or this could affect the weight loss process?… I’m vegan and need, for my health lose lots of weight. But i’m scared that i couldnt get satisfied just by drinking juices. Thanks!

  16. Hello you all! Don't you think it is strange that people get impressed when they hear that you are doing a detox or challange or weight loss diet, and says that it is healthy and that you are strong and that they wish to do it to, but then when you attempt to keep it permanent like a lifestyle, they think you are crazy. Same food.

  17. You should never drink that much tumeric it's too heating, might give you nose bleeds.

  18. That fennel looks great, thanks for the suggestion.

  19. I work at Whole Foods and we make a similar juice to the last one. We put beets, apple, and ginger. We call it the liver lover

  20. woooop the app

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