Best Indian Street Food Sweets From Kolkata

Best Indian Street Food Sweets From Kolkata Veggiepaaji will show you the Best Sweets in India. Indian street Food in Kolkata comprises of its huge variety of …


  1. Propellerator 95

    Hello Mark.

  2. Come to Andhra

  3. Kolkata is best city sir

  4. Plz rply???

  5. Odisha me jo milta he Acha toh hai … But that is not actually rosogolla. Odisha claims it is rosogolla but that is kheermohan …. Odisha is messing up with us in a wrong fight.

  6. Chutiyaapa veggie ….

  7. Sir you must try nabajiban kulfi at jamshedpur.

  8. background music ka name kya hai

  9. Hëřó Fîĺmš

    Bro I m from chittaranjan

  10. Bhai video was awsome thank y to participate odisha

  11. Jaipur ki viedo

  12. Apka face khane ke Baad mujhe ek number lagath hai ……huuuu karte hai na ap …….nice

  13. Kolkata mai aap khanhna sweet shop bhaut Acha sweet shop hai

  14. I'm first time seeing your video you are a best food explore

  15. AT 3:22 the man fall down from cycle

  16. Please change your thumbnail that is very disgusting and don't match to you. You are better than your thumbnail

  17. Good vídeo
    Happy saturday my friends
    Take care is need np much eat..for no will fat

  18. Nitra Gamer Sany

    আমার FEVERATE মিষ্টি ক্ষীরকদম

  19. Milk cake, roshogulla,mishti doii,

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