Best High Protein Vegan Breakfast | Easy Vegan Recipes

Best High Protein Vegan Breakfast | Easy Vegan Recipes Making a healthy plant based vegan breakfast has never been easier. Plus when it is filled with so …


  1. Love this one

  2. Only a millionair could afford living there…..Let alone get those ingredients at a place like that…..

  3. they both look like drug addicts with sunburn

  4. Spirit Level Studios

    The Epitome Of Malnourishment.

  5. Will definitely try that! thanks for another one for the v-gang

  6. MERCi = HERZALLERLiEBST = 😮 ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) = BON AAAAPPPPPPPEEEEEETTTTTTTTTTTiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiTTTTTTTTTTTOOOOOOOOOO!

  7. You are both beautiful people from what I can see but you both don’t look like you’re thriving. She has dark circles forming under her eyes and his face is ageing prematurely and has very little muscle mass. A little animal fat and protein would be greatly beneficial. Looks like a great place for seafood too. I wish you all the best.

  8. I'm eating chicken while watching it

  9. Fall in RAW: RAW VEGAN 로푸드

    lovely couple and lovely breakfast♥

  10. I made this for breakfast today. So delicious. Thank you!

  11. I like the recipe, detoxification is a myth, though 😀

  12. Thank you for the great recipe, those of you who dont like soy, Chickpea tofu is easy to make and is a great alt option!

  13. I can't wait to try this! Wow!

  14. This is a joke. They both look extremely malnourished. Stop spreading veganism nonsense!

  15. yuuuum

  16. Malnourished white privilege

  17. You want as minimal amount of protein in your diet as you can get, and the more carbs to replace the protein the better
    You still want 10% of your calories as protein

  18. i've seen healthier looking crackheads

  19. Whoa not hating but u guys look way too thin.

  20. Pffff always a perfect life, perfect bodies, love, travels, money… I' m fed up. Or jealous.

  21. a man looks seriously umderwaight

  22. Thanks for the inspiration!

  23. the guy needs to start eating meat

  24. This guy has sunken eyes

  25. love you both ♡ excellent vids and sharing ,however ..both of you aging pre- maturally and fast wrinkles/ sun damage / veins due not having enough body fat ( typical vegan sunken eyes and dark eye circles )

  26. Brother no hate here at all but you are wasting away.. you look unhealthy. Lose the ego and go and restructure your diet. Go look at the version of you from a coupla yrs back and be honest with yourself!

  27. looks like a bowl of fart gas..pity the protein is locked up in indigestible fibre, getting malnourished together is truly beautiful though

  28. That looks so good! I'm not sure what tofu is exactly, but I'm ready to try it! When you say " nutritional yeast", is there a certain kind? Or is that what it's called?

  29. Mayra van der Vrande

    This recipe looks really deli and i think your videos are really aesthetically pleasing! Buuuutt i feel a bit like you sort of show the perfect life, with the ultraflat belly constantaly visible, only playing between the two of you, it feels a bit to surreal and not fitting to the normal (western) world. I know you do not have to adapt to that but i feel a bit discouraged and not ''enough'' when i watch your videos… 🙁 Is there a way you could take this into account?

  30. Detoxify? That's actually detoxification in reverse
    Have you noticed how your body smells after a high protein meal?

    Beyond that I think it's a nice vegan recipe.

  31. containedhurricane

    Looks delicious, but I don't have time to make it. What is the title of the background song?

  32. Great idea , thanks for sharing!

  33. Looks delicious but I'd recommend more hemp seed less tofu!

  34. Much love!

  35. You guys are great, thanks for the inspiration

  36. eh, where is the beef tartar?

  37. Allergies, allergies, allergies and long term health problems.

  38. Mmmm looks really yummy, after watching Game Changer on Netflix a lot of my friends decided to go vegan. I'll recommend them your channel. Lots of love, A.

  39. She is Hot, that hippie NOT

  40. Wtf is this??? Bird food??? F this I’m gonna go eat a steak.

  41. eww tofu 🙁 soya is so unhealthy. ate once a tofu yogurt and one hour later i got strong pains and pissed out of my ass

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