Best HEALTHY VEGETARIAN Food In The World – California Food Vlog | BeerBiceps Vegetarian

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  1. Hey guys hope you enjoyed the video! I've turned vegetarian recently, so this one is very close to my heart. Would you like to see more travel vlogs like this? For now, we have more USA vlog videos coming up m/

  2. My older brother also made a Hindi video of this video too please do not

  3. I thought you were going to do that "umm.. ummm … ummmmmm"

  4. Mujh Jaise Middle Class Bande Ke Liye. Best Place To Visit Is Samne Vali Chai Ki Dukan.

  5. No bro Iam an non veg fan

  6. Nice

  7. First it was Virat Kohli who went Vegan and now our beloved Ranveer has turned Vegetarian…
    Brother please tell me Why have you taken this ethical path ?
    Was it because of compassion towards animals or just for better health ?

  8. Can you share us a video about which frame should one choose according to their face shape ?

  9. please name some export reject stores in Mumbai which u prefer

  10. gazab bro…

  11. Late ho gye navratre to khatam

  12. Hats off to the man who shot this video!

  13. My Guchipu

  14. Happy Facts Lifestyle

    Awesome video, love the food you showed, looks amazing

  15. love your content ranveer bhai.

  16. This video was lit

  17. Vegan is best , BE VEGETARIAN !

  18. Man you are capturing over the whole world with, ur amazing videos u r the alexander the great of YouTube ❤️

  19. Love you a lot
    You are really inspiring

  20. I may give up non veg but i'll never give up beer ! Thats why he is beer biceps

  21. Which is that bulky sports analog watch you wear

  22. Bro plz make a video on shopping in the US

  23. Vishal Vishwakarma

    yes and please make more shopping vlog also

  24. Love your vlog bhai …

  25. Ghar waalon ke paise udaane hai

  26. Copies kohli

  27. Over reactor

  28. Awesome video dude nailed it totally keep it up would love more..

  29. Priyanshu Suryavanshi

    Bestest YouTube channel ever ~Beerbiceps~ & ~flying beast~

  30. Plz make video of how to style fat boys best

  31. Virat vegan ban gaya toh aap bhi ban gaye vegan?

  32. It's a total waste going there if you haven't tried IN n OUT… poor guy…fuck veganism

  33. 46 no viewer sir………

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