Best 5 Recipes for Beginner | Top Indian Vegetarian Recipes Compilation.

Indian Cooking is very easy. You will required things which are available in any Indian Glossary store. If you like Veg recipes then here is the top 5 recipes which …


  1. Nikunj Bhai… tamari khotti taareef nathi karto…pan sachu bolun toh tamara man sanjeev kapoor thhi pan vadhare talent chhe……bus duniya ne tamaro talent jovani vaar chhe.Tame Mumbai maa ryo chho ke Gujarat ma?Mumbai ma rehta ho,toh mane tamne madvu chhe.Tamara paase thhi cooking seekhvu chhe.Tame bau toh maara modhha ma pani lavo chho.Mari maate….tame duniya na savthhi best chef chho.
    -Tamaro Gujarati Bhai!

  2. thanks…..for sharing…. Nikunj Vasoya! mouthwatering veg Recipes

  3. I will try to do publicity of it on more channels

  4. I am really proud of you my gujju brother…..i like your confidence…..dont pay attention to any hater…..all the best and keep up the good work.

  5. Plz do explore some Kathayawadi Dishes & specially that small size thick crunchy Bhakhri

  6. Nice Worth of watching 🙂
    Cheese Sandwhich
    Spring onion-Tomato curry
    Potato Vada
    Masala Paratha &

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