BENTO BOX VEGAN Breakfast Ideas | Oatmeal Bars + Fried Rice + More! | HONEYSUCKLE

Pack these Incredible BREAKFAST BENTOS so you won’t be hungry! Recipes Below. A portion of this video is sponsored by #JUSTEgg – you won’t believe how …


  1. What kind of pan are you using?

  2. Woodland Bay Native

    Peach bars mmmm. However o have apricots instead

  3. mmmm lov it more healthy breakfast recipes have a nice day beauty

  4. I loved when you do these videos with a variation on one idea, I'm really interested in trying out this just egg product.

  5. You changed up the music. So fancy. 😉

  6. If you wanted to use regular eggs for the fried rice, how many eggs would we use?

  7. Every box looks delicious! I would have to try the pancakes with the hazelnut spread and fruit first, then the savory fried rice…yum!

  8. More savory breakfast ideas please!

  9. Ashley Hernandez

    Yum, I would probably try the bars first. I am trying to go vegan and I would LOVE to make the breakfast fried rice!

  10. honey lavender bakery

    i don't like the taste of scrambled eggs… is just egg better-tasting than regular eggs?

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