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  1. I'm learning to speak English, and your pronunciation is very good for me. I understand ♡

  2. mustafa abu shwiemeh

    I love your videos your amazing

  3. these portions are HUGE but those lunches look so nice im going to make them for myself!

  4. Why so faaast

  5. Rice paper…where do you get yours? I can't seem to find here.

  6. Wow! I just discovered your channel and I have to say – you have amazing content! I loved the editing as well. ♥

  7. ur accent reminds me of miley c

  8. were do you get bent boxes

  9. thank you sooooo much~new diet this year for 2017~great ideas and the PDF is awesome!

  10. These are such cool ideas but it seems super time consuming. How long does it take to prepare a box from start to finish?

  11. Wow. I love that these recipes have so much variety. Definitely going to try. Thanks!

  12. これが弁当?日本にちょっと違いますね。

  13. that salt and pepper must have taken forever

  14. The Pink Mustache

    Mind Over Munch I love all these as a kid but can you do a nut free version my school does not allow nuts

  15. THOSE ALL LOOK SO GOOD! ITS MAKING ME HUNGRY!! Need to get my mom to make these!

  16. I have a question, Sorry for my english, i am french canadian. In Quebec, in school, its no accept snack or lunch box with peanut, almond, cashu, etc. Do You have other idea for me please? Thank You for your good ideas in youtube And your lovely youtube Chanel!

  17. omg is your voice ever so annoying

  18. Kate lives to dance

    I have 8 kids I am using my oldest daughters account. Katie (13) Maddie Maya(12 year old twins) Mackinzie(9) Mable (8) Mikey (7) Kylie (5) Lily (18 months). For the oldest four I use this… Bento box lunch. 3 peices of sushi which I do find my self questioning the cost of that at times but it's better than them throwing something away they don't like. Rice with soy sauce and sesame oil. A whole apple cut up with my special sauce (almond butter, cashew butter, vanilla extract and chocolate chips with a dab of honey) to did them in. Along with carrots, broccoli, pepper. For a snack hummus and pita chips. Ok now the little kids… A sandwich on whole wheat bread with vanilla almond butter. Fruit kebabs with strawberries, blueberries, apples and raspberries drizzled in honey. I cut up a hard boiled egg . Then for a snack they get pita bread and peanut butter.

  19. Ferla García Santos

    Hello Alyssia, I love your bento boxes recipes. I am new to this, where can I find the box itself? Probably someone asked before but I couldn't find the answer. Thanks a lot!

  20. It seems like a lot to eat in one sitting, is that just me? I know you worked out the nutrients.

  21. Whenever I watch your videos it inspires me

  22. Oh cool !

  23. Can you devote a full episode to nut free and sesame free lunches because I can barely eat anything that was there.

  24. Can you store the spring rolls for a few days in the fridge or does it have to be eaten same day it's made?

  25. MsFufukuschelipuh

    First video i watched from you! You are awesome! Subbed :D

  26. What kind of mutant carrots are those :O

  27. Does anyone else find hummus bitter? I've tried it different ways, just can't hack it.

  28. the #2 is the BEST!
    the #3 is OK…
    and the #1 is DISGUSTING

  29. newly subscribed. love the concept!

  30. did anyone else notice in her edamame rice her salt and pepper was in a shape of a circle thing #talanted

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