Bento Box Healthy Lunch 9/30 (Vegetarian) – Mind Over Munch

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  1. I have your ebook, but it is really neat to see how everything is put together in the videos.   For the lentil salad, I am not a fan of curry. (Which makes no sense, since I love Indian food!)  What other spice to you recommend adding?

  2. Made this whole box for today! YUMMM!!!! <3 THANK YOU!!! You inspire!

  3. Alyssia I am wanting to try vegetarianism but I have no idea where to start. I have eaten meat and potatoes my whole life (from Minnesota). Do you have any websites or books you could recommend for a newbie like me?

  4. hey there, those muffins look wonderful…can u give me an alternate for the Greek yogurt? can't do any dairy

  5. thank you for working so hard on these! they all look amazing!

  6. i want that bento box sooo much but they cost around $60 in Australia =(

  7. If you trying to cut oil try coating the baking pan with flour

  8. i love Nything in blender so easy and convienent

  9. I now look forward to these videos every night! This box in particular looks sooooo yummy, and I feel inspired to go out and buy a bento box so I can join in on the recipes! Thanks for all the work you put into making these videos!

  10. Hey Alyssia I'm allergic to bananas and I see you use them a lot is there a good replacement I can use?

  11. Do you have a good substitute for bananas? I'm allergic, but they're in so many yummy things, like these muffins!!

  12. I can tell you really like feta cheese

  13. All of these videos are so creative! I'm loving the waves of lunches ideas!

  14. Is it safe to say "I am a Mind Over Munch Junkie?" I just spent over an hour splurging through your video. Seriously the editing, the creative fun ideas, all while being healthy! Ive been looking for a food channel like this for so long, so happy I can follow this. You don't tell people what to eat or judge, like some youtubers do or get ego centric like BananaGirl. Your quirky and love what you do. Thank you so much.

  15. Another yummy lunch!

  16. My kids & I made the chunky monkey blender muffins. They were so delicious! We're onto the muffins in this one.

  17. I love this entire box…. er, I've loved the other ones, too! ❤️

  18. Could I make the blueberry muffins using a flax egg?

  19. the amount of money you spent in groceries on this series is probably insane and time as well. thank you so much for this everyone like and share for her!

  20. You know, blueberries usually sink into the bottom of the cake/muffin. You could coat them in flour but that's not always gonna work.

  21. Can you please do a video on cooking lentils? I swear, I've tried a number of times and they always come out too crunchy! Even when I cook them twice as long! There must be something I'm missing! Thanks for the recipes!!

  22. Wow the music started playing and I thought it was Shelter by Porter Robinson! Is it based off of it?

  23. The muffins looks so good. I can't wait to try them!

  24. Omg what a perfect lunch for a rainy day! I hope your day is being awesome!

  25. I'm no vegetarian, but these recepies are so easy, simple and TASTY so you just have to make them! Keep doing what you do Alyssia and lots of love and support from Finland! :)<3

  26. Any idea of a good substitute for the Greek Yogurt in the muffins? my son has a severe dairy allergy. I would try a yogurt alternative but we live in a food desert and we can't get plain soy, coconut, or almond yogurt here.

  27. Hi Alyssia! I love your channel and this serie is so awesome 🙂 I live in Mexico and I can't find butternut squash in here, any substitute that you recommend?

  28. Running Oninsulin

    what timing, i just made some vegan feta!!!

  29. Really glad that this is easy to make vegan

  30. I'm not very fond of the curry powder, but I'm switching it up for fresh oregano and adding red onions to make it greek style

  31. Omg! Love the muffin recipe, looks bomb, definately trying them out for next weeks meal prep!

  32. Alyssia, any suggestions on adding flavor to air popped popcorn?

  33. Love the series! Keep up the good work (:

  34. Love the lentil salad, a real must try :)

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