Bento Box Healthy Lunch 5/30 (Vegetarian) – Mind Over Munch

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  1. Heather Hutmacher

    I love the ebook! What a TON of work. Good job :)

  2. omg defintely going to try out those delicious muffins!!!!! love that they are vegan ;))
    also I would love to see some more vlog style videos like you used to make! The what I eat in a day videos or other types of videos! (u won't have to do as much editing as you do to make these amazing videos lol) but maybe you should wait to do it after this series because you got a lot on your plate haha

  3. iwillnottbebroken

    so quick question – does the book have the nutritional information separated with each recipe in the bento box? or just everything combined? if it's separate nutritional information i'd be much more inclined to buy it so i can put stuff together i like in my own little meals. i am 100% a calorie counter.

  4. Valeria sinisi garcia

    if you can't have dairy, what could you substitute the cottage cheese for in the blueberry pancakes? Btw they look delicious :)

  5. seriously this looks so good especially the honeydew salad and muffins. Yummy!

  6. Thanks for this series, I'm really loving it. In Australia mini pancakes are called pikelets.

  7. the pomegranate spinach salad is going on my "to try" list 🙂 (which is not an actual list, so I hope I don't forget to actually try it … ).

  8. Cucumber honeydew salad ….OH my !!! great combinations of foods :))))

  9. your recipes are great, but can i just say how much i LOVE your editing? it's so smooth and appealing while still being very professional and to-the-point. the editing and the fact that the background music is noticeable but not obtrusive makes absorbing the information you present really easy!

  10. Are the muffins freezer friendly.? I have just found out that my 3 year old son is gluten sensitive and I am struggling to get enough fiber in him .

  11. I think I'll replace the dill weed with fresh mint for the cucumber honeydew salad

  12. omg I am loving this series you are doing. I am always looking for healthy lunch ideas. Your videos inspire me to really stay on track with my weight loss journey

  13. lightscamerakirby

    so cool. I'm finding something in every box that I want to make. tonight I bought stuff for the slow cooker chicken and a few of the salads…wish I had watched this one first cause the cucumber salad looks delicious.

  14. Love this channel 

  15. another great box! love me some pancakes and pomegranate and cucumber… ahh you guys!!!

  16. My kids are going to love helping to make & eat those muffins! I made the meatless meatballs from bento #1. They were so delicious! (and easy!!!). I had them for dinner one night and lunch the next day. Thanks.

  17. I'm loving these bento meal videos!

  18. the best beto of this week!

  19. I can't take it! SO GOOD! You could open a national chain for a Mind Over Munch drive through bento restaurant or Mind Over Munch Bento Truck!! LOVE this!

  20. Liked and shared. I wanted to send you a pic of the bento I ordered but couldn't figure out how. It's R2-D2 and yes I am a nerd. :)

  21. The effort put into these videos is unreal!

  22. cucumber honeydew salad? oh heck yeah!

  23. Thanks, for making these. I love them so much, I really appreciate all of your hard work and everyone else's hard work to help you with these videos. You are GREAT!<3

  24. Making those pancakes tomorrow. Yogurt should be an okay sub for cottage cheese or even ricotta.

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