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  1. You've done such an amazing job with this series!!!

  2. oh my gosh what an amazing 30 boxes it's been! grateful for my munch team ❤

  3. Awesome!!! So nice to see a bento box with much less sugar. I can't wait to try the root vegetable chips.

  4. Юлия Олеговна

    Your editing skills are so over the top! No proper words to describe ❤️

  5. Love Mac and cheese bites! Don't know how I went so long without them!

  6. 🙁 last box!!!! but as always a great box and wonderful recipes. Tabbouleh….say no more :D

  7. Not_politically_correct

    IDK how I became unsubscribed !!

  8. This is the best packed lunches series I've ever watched. I just love the creativity of the meals as well as the editing. I will miss watching them every day but I imagine it's been very hard work so you deserve a well earned rest!

  9. thanks. it was alot of fun watching ur videos.
    tabouleh has much more parsely….it contains mainly of finely chopped parsely in addition to bulgur…and the rest. happy that u used one of our traditional salads in ur video. I am from occupied Palstine and a big fan of yours

  10. Stephanie Cansfield

    Tabbouleh is my favourite!

  11. Please do this again I don't want it to end

  12. Thank you so much for this fabulous series of videos! Loved them.

  13. Loved the series. Hope this will be a regular pop up series all year round. 🙂 :)

  14. Really sad this is over! I looked forward to it everyday! More please!!!

  15. I am so used to watching these that I don't know what to watch after school now…Lol…I really loved this series tbh

  16. Really enjoyed this series. Great job!

  17. I'm so sad this AMAZING series is over :((((( I love the editing and quality of the video, keep up the amazing work and recipes <3333

  18. Vittoria Zuccaroli

    sad that this was the last one! 🙁
    will the beets crisp up even if I omit the oil? xx

  19. Thank you so much for this series!

  20. Eggs are not vegetarian as I am a vegetarian I don't eat eggs

  21. I was a little disappointed we didn't get another vegan box, but these videos were still great. I thoroughly enjoyed them.

  22. Serious applause for this series. While I am sad to see it over, it was such a pleasure to look forward to each day.
    The music, the editing, the effects, all fun and interesting and well done.
    Can't wait to see what this channel has in store next!
    Also that tabbouleh looks so yummy, I love that stuff and put it on everything (makes a great sandwich or a soup topper)!

  23. Love the veggie packed mac and cheese!!

  24. this series has been awesome!

  25. This one looks terrific, especially the veggie mac bites! Not sure I could limit myself to one clementine, they're sooooo good! I'm a little bummed this is the last in the series, because this was really fun and extremely useful, packed with ideas I'm trying and planning to try! But I'm also excited to see what's next, you always have something to inspire us! <3

  26. One of my favorites!!!!!!

  27. girlinamagicalworld

    This has truly been one of the best series I've seen on YouTube! I've gotten so much inspiration from these videos! I genuinely have looked forward to each and every one. Thanks for all the hard work you put into this… I can't wait to see what else you have coming!

  28. Thank you so much Alyssia for sharing all this amazing recipes. that was a good challenge.can't get enough of how you make salads look so easy to make and the creativity behind it all is just super.Props to your editing guy.he is Sad this had to end but it was worth running to my desktop n seeing how you're dropping it like a pro everyday…fyi, today's music was yaaaasss…repeated like thrice just to get that jam going.loved it and the recipes.again,root chips?waaaatttt? lets see how they come out when i try them. Again thankyou. u inspired me quite…

  29. nooooo it's already the last one! oh well, I guess we will have to be patient from now on 😉 thanks for this series. it was great and inspiring!!!

  30. Everything was going too fine until she come up with that boiled egg because I really dislike eggs. Anyway is still such great ideas!!!

  31. Alyssia, this series was awesome. We know how much effort you guys put into this, we can tell how much love and care there's in every recipe, every video… Thank you so much for this! I send a bunch love and light your way!

  32. I liked this series so much!! I'll really miss it, thank you very much for this!

  33. This series was great and started off 2017 with a bang. Thank you for your hard work!

  34. btw what did you do to all the food?

  35. I'm loving this series. I tend to eat the same thing every day, so now I have like 30 weeks of lunch ideas lol.

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