Bento Box Healthy Lunch 28/30 (Vegetarian) – Mind Over Munch

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  1. marvelous efforts is invested in these videos. I salute you for your remarkable ideas and dedicated work to achieve such useful episodes. all the best!

  2. Hm…all the eyes are in deed on the homemade granola bar :3

  3. #yummygoodness to the COCONUT-CASHEW GRANOLA SQUARES have to make those for sure..Never had dragon fruit before so that will have to be a must try. I haven't really had carrot salad the way you presented it I usually put raisins and coconut in mine it's delish. Another great Bento box..

  4. i have really loved the whole experience…good job on todays box

  5. these carrots are incredibel!

  6. I wish I could like this video a 1000 times. Those date cashew bars looked this good!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I have to say that I always liked your videos, but this is another level! So creative:) #editinggoals. Good job!!! :))

  8. how is your dragon fruit pink? usually the meat is white with black seeds

  9. How do you do the salt and pepper ying yang:)?

  10. I don't want these to be over!! So Yummy!

  11. frittata fingers yes!!!!

  12. Yummy!! I would definitely eat this one! Is there something I could use instead of the coconut in the bars? Try as I might, I just don't enjoy the flavor. I can't believe this series is almost over!

  13. the colors in this box are everything! sad that this series is coming to a close but so happy to see what amazing things you have yet to come <3.

  14. Mind over munch I love your channel so much it has so many healthy alternatives

  15. yum I can't wait to try the frittata fingers.  Thanks for all the great ideas.

  16. NEED TO TRY THE BARS !!!! :O

  17. Alejandra Fernandez

    I don't want these to be over!

  18. How did they do the yin yang salt and pepper thing?

  19. PMR : Magic Rush Heroes

    Here in the Netherlands I've never seen or had Dragonfruit that is pink (everything I buy is white) and I have never seen different colored carrots. They look so fun and deliscious. Do they actually taste different than their counterparts?

  20. I’ve been looking for rainbow carrots for a while. Whole Foods finally put some out yesterday. I haven’t tried them yet (my daughter said hands off until she puts them on my plate) but I am looking forward to it. Nice video. Love the editing. Shared to all my social media platforms.

  21. FLOUR! That's what my frittatas have been missing! I'm totally gonna try this!

  22. Mind over munch your recipes are great. About the episode 28, the saddest moment for me is the almost end of the Bento Box Serie! We will miss it.

  23. easy vegan alternative to eggs, instead of fritatta make a farinata with a thin chickpea flour, water and a splash of olive oil batter and bake until set.

  24. this is so satisfying to watch! beautifully made great recipes

  25. that carrot salad looks great!

  26. nisreen altememie

    i am amazed how can you come up with these ideas, love you

  27. granola bars yummmmyyy!

  28. Amazing! I love the beautiful colors and the editing 🙂 I'd also love to see more recipes like the cashew bars with different flavors!

  29. Ahhh i am sooooo hungry now

  30. please do a matcha recipe soon! love your videos!

  31. You do some videos of common food nut free.

  32. By the way your videos are amazing and i love watching them. i can't believe it's nearly over

  33. Looks delicious!! Sure am going to miss this series!

  34. Doing any super bowl snack ideas??

  35. 1st. Yeah

  36. First i love u so much

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