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  1. You have to use plant based gelatin substitute for vegetarian as well as vegan. Regular gelatin is made from cow bones .

  2. This series is awesome! I would love to see another series like this that had a little less sugar. Many people are unable to consume sugar, fructose etc. Bento boxes that concentrated more on lots of veggies and high fibre, lower carbohydrate items would really be appreciated. Just a suggestion.

  3. I am so looking forward to the BBQ Quinoa.  That's really different!  I can't wait to try it!  The little gummies look time consuming, but I am will to try them for my young nieces!

  4. Your lightsaber skills are impressive. Thanks again for all of the work and effort that you put into these videos and for sharing your knowledge and ideas with lazy cooks like me!

  5. I do not want this series to end 🙁 . It is going to be difficult ,going back to once a week !!!
    absolutely loved all the videos so far. keep going !! Thankyou sincerely for your series and hardwork !!

  6. Almost finish noooooooooo!! I love the gummies! How can I make my own bbq sauce, do you have a recipe for that? Please

  7. Gummies!

  8. Another great video Alyssia! Do you think the gummies would work as well without straining out the pulp? I'd love to keep it in for the extra fiber…

  9. Minimalist Vegan Lifestyle

    Thank you for providing us with this SUPER versatile series. Love that you're apart of the Youtube community. Much love! ♥

  10. These new Bento box recipes get more and more inspiring each time!

  11. i wake up every morning for these videos! Thank you SO much for these great food ideas!! My sister and I have decided to eat better for the new year and these recipes have been helping so much!

  12. Vanessa B. (Nessa)

    I don't want January to end!!! <3

  13. Gelatin isn't vegetarian!!!

  14. Genesis Delangle (zanzinian)

    The gummies are lovely <3

  15. How many gummy does that make

  16. I have absolutely loved this series and it's actually how I found your channel! You do incredible work, and these are such high quality recipes and videos! Can't wait for more!

  17. Since I'm an ovo-vegetarian, I'm hooked on those gummies! I can't believe this series is's almost over :[

  18. subhadra Burugula

    This is not Vegetarian. It contains Gelatin so technically it is animal meat/bone powder.

  19. OMG I love the strawberry mango gummies! (my two favorite fruits)

  20. you have done brilliant job

  21. Quinoa with barbecue sauce? What!! It sounds yummy. I have to try it. Those gummies….Love them:))

  22. gelatine is not even vegetarian. But yes, you could use agar. just saying

  23. im not the 'dislike' btw! i always 'like' =))

  24. 😕 i dont understand vegetarians. surely, if you know the consequences of your food choices enough to not eat dead flesh directly, why would you support 'animal agriculture' and all that entails? at least someone on a carny diet can claim ignorance! sorry 'm.o.m.' maybe vegan cheese? so the wee cows are happy too =)

  25. PMR : Magic Rush Heroes

    I'm still new to quinoa, curious to see how this one tastes. Great video, as always!

  26. You are a genius Alyssa <3 From Snapchat to Facebook to Instagram .. You are where my day begins and I take so much inspiration from what you do for all of us. Thank YOU to you and the entire team of Mind Over Munch <3

  27. I am so hooked on this series….sad to see it coming to an end. I love the idea of Bento boxes.

  28. Gelatin is not vegetarian… But the rest looks good!

  29. I can not believe you made your own gummies! You're always taking it to a whole new level and bringing us along for the ride.

  30. Im so in Love with this Videos ❤❤❤

  31. How's gelatine vegetarian??!!

  32. question: would cutting the casedilla with the lightsaber burn it at all?

  33. Priya Satiaceelan

    its always worth watching your videos..loved every one of them

  34. Those strawberry mango gummies are GENIUS! I can't wait to try them. And your editing skills with the lightsaber quesadilla was so impressive. Awesome job!

  35. You could dust the gummies with corn starch or powdered sugar if they stick together a lot.
    If you like sour ones, mix some granulated sugar with granulated citric acid and dunk them in that. Definetely not healthy of course :P

  36. soooo jummmm

  37. Homemade fruit gummies? How cute!!

  38. That quesadilla looks so yum!!

  39. I can't believe this series is almost over:(
    I really enjoyed everyone so thank you

  40. Early 🙂 keep up the good work 

  41. OMG! It’s January 25 already? Only 5 MORE DAYS!? Time flies! That means 5 more days to enter our food processor giveaway by subscribing to our website,! :)

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