Bento Box Healthy Lunch 2/30 (Vegetarian) – Mind Over Munch

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  1. Samantha Johnson

    Loving the new style! Straight to the top!

  2. am I the only one who liked it better when she talked us through the whole process?

  3. Sofía Coquillat Payá

    Love the music

  4. Thank you so much for your effort! It's obvious you put a lot of work into the videos!

  5. You are already doing such an incredible job on these videos! Not only amazing lunches but the editing and filming is PHENOMENAL!

  6. looks like a lot but not sure if that would fill me up until dinner time

  7. This actually looks really tasty!

  8. Amazing ideas! Super healthy,but filing.Can't wait for the rest))))I will try to make all 30 BENTO BOXES!!!You are great!

  9. You mean "Palestinian couscous salad"✅

  10. love the new video style!

  11. Love the music to this video! Great editing.

  12. you should do healthy Oreos

  13. Yesssss! And the music was on point!

  14. The production value is just amazing!! Great job guys!!

  15. Great ideas

  16. once again you've outdone yourself! recommendation for the vegan friends: use tofu replacing cheese in the caprice skewers! 🙂 i can't wait for tomorrow's bento!!!

  17. I love this series! Thank you!

  18. These videos are awesome!! Can't wait for the rest of the month!!

  19. thumbs up for mind over munch!!! ❤

  20. Oh my goodness! 1–I can't wait to try this. It looks so good. And 2–it's such a beautiful video to watch! I love it. I know it must've taken forever to film and edit but it makes me want to try the recipes even more now. Fantastic job!!

  21. Caras Life on the Farm

    where does the sauce container fit in the box?

  22. I'm not seeing the place to add my email on your website to sign up for emails. Where do I do that?

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