Bento Box Healthy Lunch 21/30 (Vegetarian) – Mind Over Munch

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  1. good one today!!

  2. omg those banana bread bars look sooooo tasty! definitely trying it out later! :D

  3. Those banana bread bars look so good!

  4. PMR : Magic Rush Heroes

    How much time is spent shaping the Salt and Pepper in the Yin and Yang symbol? It is done every video I can't imagine how time consuming it is. :D

  5. Those wraps look divine, and I love eating anything in skewer form, who can resist pasta???!!!

  6. loved the banana bread bars idea!

  7. #Yummygoodness overload #getinmybelly loving everything about this Bento Box right here.. Now I know what I'm going to make for lunch that egg salad and tortelli skewers OMG such #delishness #hashtagoverkill I know but oh well it is what it is I love what I love :)

  8. I LOVE ALL PASTA SHAPES! I love pasta! Great work as always. So sad we're already 21 days in.

  9. This series is amazing! I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate how much work your team has put into this series. I hope it brings you thousands more well-deserved subscribers!

  10. The egg salad wrap looks so good

  11. Janneke van den Brink

    How would you adapt these recipe's for someone living alone? The tortellini's i can only buy in a pack with 30, and the banana bars, you made 9. The same with the melon from the video from yesterday. What do you do with the rest of the food? Eat the exact same thing for a week?

  12. I am going to try something similar to the tortellini idea with my favorite: crispy pan fried spinach and cheese ravioli! Then I'll add tomatoes on the skewers and some marinara to dip. I'm also definitely going to make the banana bars! I am trying to find that elusive perfect healthy dessert to master as my go-to treat. Thanks for everything you do! :)

  13. An alternative for people interested: tofu rolls?

  14. Genesis Delangle (zanzinian)

    Recently I have been craving eggs and I absolutely don't know why! Maybe that wrap is gonna satisfy my cravings, plus I looove creamy egg salad and without mayo is just perfection!!

  15. So. Much. Yummyness!!! :O

  16. I think this one might be my favourite
    I was drooling!

  17. Yeaah! It's time for the bento box video of the day 🙂 These videos are not only giving me great ideas and inspiration for upgrading my lazy lunches, but also make me smile every day 🙂 Thank you very much!!

  18. YES YES TORTELLINI! YES YES TORTELLINI! That is my new chant.

  19. love the banana bread bites and yay it's vegan ❤❤

  20. Quick question for banana bread: video says 325 degrees, recipe in description says 350. Which do you recommend? I'm eager to try this out!

  21. So basically I have bento box envy right about now! :)

  22. Mohana Bhattacharya

    the dessert at the end!

  23. Yum!!!

  24. Nancy Hemati (HumbleVoyager)

    I want everything on a skewer now.

  25. wow the banana nut bar looks awesome. I'd definitely make this. Thank you!!

  26. love this series :)

  27. Hi alyssia

  28. you have done brilliant job

  29. Great idea the tortellini! I'll have that for lunch tomorrow :)

  30. I am a SUCKER for tortellini! I think it’s my favorite pasta shape and is delicious warm or cold!! What’s yours?

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