Bento Box Healthy Lunch 13/30 (Vegetarian) – Mind Over Munch

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  1. Love love love this box!!

  2. Your bento boxes are awsome, but It looks like it has too much for only one meal. Or is this to last a day long? like for two meals…

  3. Is it just me or the vegetarian version always looks the prettiest? 😀 (meat-eater opinion)

  4. I've really enjoyed this series so far.
    I've adapted most recipes to a vegan option as well.
    enjoyed what I've tried so far as well.

  5. I love that even though this is veggie, you could easily substitute some of the dairy products for vegan alternatives! love this series! :)

  6. Watching these are so therapeutic. Makes me so excited about food!

  7. orangeserendipity

    The potato salad looks amazing! Anyone know of a vegan yogurt similar to the tartness of greek yogurt?

  8. Scarlett Callender

    It should be very fun we have a lot of snow. Ps I'm a kid viewer and I love this I'm trying to be healthy.

  9. The bells have rung! 🙂 look forward to watching these every morning here in New York!

  10. you have done brilliant job

  11. Sigrid Ehrenreich

    I love bento, but the video is way too fast for me. Before I have read the ingredients, it already switches to the next receipe. Could you please slow down the videos a little bit, so I have time to look at the ingredients AND read the list, so I can decide, if I would like the combination and maybe try the receipe myself?

  12. Still loving on these – I'm going to have to get the ebook for sure!
    btw- I don't remember if you ever really mentioned it in one of your previous videos or not, but have you found good dairy-free alternatives for like sour cream, Greek yogurt etc. for creamy salads like the potato salad in this video? almond, soy or coconut yogurts always seem to be sweetened and flavored?

  13. woah exactly 800 views!

  14. The pesto salad looks delicious, great idea!

  15. corn salad is a famous street snack in India!

  16. Susana González Codina

    4 apples lol ok

  17. the teeny crabapples remind me of those mini-orange "cuties" ;D

  18. Gabriela Droz Velasquez

    loved the cucumbwr sandwhiches (im a huge tea person) but I HATE APPLESA LOL this box had everything i loved and hate in it lol LOVE YOUR CONTENT!

  19. Scarlett Callender

    Love it. I'm going skiing!

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