Beginners guide to Mediterranean food for Vegetarians and Meat Eaters

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  1. I love this so much 😀

  2. I love y'all but that eggplant salad looked like the spawn of satan.

  3. you guys make making new foods fun very entertaining but yet great recipes

  4. Mike constantly interrupts Josh or is just me hahahha love you guys tho

  5. Said Middle Eastern and a turban and snake came out of nowhere….?

  6. I am totally recreating that whole meal.

  7. I could sense a bit of tension between the brothers in this one…

  8. Haitians have a roasted eggplant dish known as legume. It can be roasted or braised eggplant. It cook with crab and chicken or beef

  9. I would recommend just marinating everything in a big bowl. That way you're not throwing away plastic ( and money) ziplock bags and saving money as well.

  10. peel the garlic you monster.

  11. I tried to make your wendys spicy chicken sandwich and I need you to fix it. I went dry then wet then dry then pan. Before getting into the pan, all of the coatings fell off or stuck onto my fingers. 🙁 I had enough in there so I went ahead. When they were ‘done’ they didn’t look as crispy or red as yours: more burned and still chewy skin that I ended up just removing (taking all of the spices with it) and then I just had a chicken sandwich. Still good and juicy but… not spicy and not breaded. Also I added way too much smoked paprika and not enough of anything else because it was like not spicy but too smoky flavored. H E L P yours looks so good :/

  12. The y’all skinny one is definitely gay. Idc how many times he gets married

  13. … you just know these two twats used to get beat up at school LOL

  14. Mediterranean (Israeli )salad is usually very finely diced with skins left on cucumbers

  15. so glad i found you guys! love your ideas and the realness in the way you talk and are!
    ps. got my foreman grill on it's way :')

  16. does anyone know what knives those are on the wall behind them?

  17. Guys you should definitely try the Egyptian cuisine, I promise you’ll love it

  18. I had no idea both of y’all were married lol ever since I got married I love finding out other people are married too

  19. SEED UR CUCUMBERS MIKE lol good lord 🙂

  20. Charli’s Channel

    One of them understand explaining the steps and the logic more than the other

  21. I do the same thing with eggplant, roast the heck out of it and spread it on toast, deliciouseven , as a toddler, my son loved it

  22. Take a shot every time someone says, "Would you look at that!"

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