BATCH COOKING: 3 Vegetarian Meals | VLUNE #10

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  1. Love the cooking vlogs!

  2. Jacobs toy review

    Love a long vlog ☺️

  3. I save veggies to make my own stock. Usually I save onion skins 7 ends, garlic skins, the peelings from any most root veg, celery ends, bits of herbs, even ginger. Basically what you compost haha.

  4. woah I have never seen a zucchini that round before?!?!
    p.s. I think mirin is s type of rice vinegar? if you are unable to find rice wine vinegar, try looking for mirin!

  5. I like just using ziplock bags and I just wash them after (I know its plastic but reusing them is good) and you can write on the bags and like pack alot of bags in the freezer

  6. Have grown with you were around the same age,u don’t have a children, but I am a teacher. I feel like your content just grows with us,your cooking,gardening and vlogs love them all ,so interesting and calming.Im getting back into fitness after a back injury it is hard at first but stamina will build up again for you!oh I also have a slight aversion to the holes in things.The person below mentioned the name.

  7. omg love 30 minute vlog yay!!

  8. ❤️

  9. I love your cooking videos or the little cooking segments you have in your vlogs, been my favourite since you lived at your dad’s. They inspire me to get in the kitchen and cook healthy meals.

  10. I realized how close we are to the end of June and made myself sad. I feel like I get quite spoiled by months like June! ❤️

  11. My favourite part was the happy Bakewell tart dance ❤️

  12. My Jewish Mommy Life

    Oh and one more thing can you link the sachets you use instead of ziplock bags?

  13. do you ever even shower?

  14. IKEA does great glass ‘tupperware’ which are really great sizes for meal prep!

  15. Love love LOVE the recipe vlogs even tho it makes me very hungry haha

  16. loved this vlog! seeing you put that much coriander on was quite alarming tho, as I'm severely allergic to it!! hahaha and it tastes like soap to me

  17. Wait..why did you wash your face and hair but not your body?

  18. Johanna Elizabeth

    This was such a lovely, calming vlog. It has also inspired me to start meal prepping again. I just have to say that your vlogs are like a warm cup of tea on an Autumn day– utterly comforting and serene.

  19. I throw the offcuts of onions (skins included!), carrots, celery, tomatoes, and mushrooms in a gallon freezer bag in the freezer, and when it's full, I dump it into a pot or pressure cooker, fill with water until the veggies are covered, add half a dozen peppercorns, a few fresh cloves of garlic, and if I have it a spoon of some miso paste, and then I cook 45 mins in the instant pot or a couple of hours on the stovetop and it's AMAZING!! Pour the cooled broth in large silicone ice cube trays (min makes 1/2 cup cubes) and add them instead of water for making rice, hydrating and cooking beans, soups, curries, for most occasions the recipe calls for water.

    Search online for A-Z list of vegetables to include or exclude from vegetable stock or broth to avoid the ones that cause bitter flavors (like cabbage, broccoli).

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