Bali Vlog | Vegan Food + Bikinis

My Bali vlog, where I spend 5 days in Ubud, eating and tanning my way around the island! Wearing: Gymshark Resistance Band: Instagram:…


  1. i don't know why but everytime i see you i become so horny…you are beautiful

  2. Make a lingerie try on ! 😉

  3. Cant you make a vidoe about how you keep muscle mass when not being able to follow your normal exercissing schedule?

  4. It does NOT matter what you say, nobody cares, nor me, you're simply beautiful and that's it

  5. not to be taken in a rude manner, but as an American listening to her talk, it sounds like she says her 'R' as a 'W' sound. this is a common speech impediment in an American dialect, but is this just me hearing it or is it just her Australian dialect? I'm truly curious

  6. Song please?

  7. please please do a video on how you bulked and cutted !!!

  8. gata, linda de mais!

  9. Holiday looked amazing! What was the name of the villas you stayed in, they looked incredibe!

  10. I detect a good spirit.

  11. Desconocido Yo

    Oink oink

  12. It’syagirlviannaee


  13. que hermozo cuerpo tienes

  14. What medication are you taking for your phone and or camera addiction??

  15. umm anyone candy

  16. I want to go bali now! And the food looks amazing!! X

  17. xfourxseasonsx

    are you gonna make a video about your hair transformation? from brunette to blonde 🙂

  18. Start the week with your video, it's always very good !!!❤️❤️

  19. I was wondering how does your boyfriend feel about you vlogging. Does it kill the fun? I love your videos.

  20. mijita rica mijita rica lalalalalalalala

  21. Madalin have you been to Thailand yet?

  22. Love you girl looking hot and gorgeous

  23. hey gal, you mentioned in an insta that you've had IPL, just wondering where is good in perth? xxx

  24. Very sexy butt

  25. ❤️

  26. Beautiful scenery

  27. Lester Burnham

    È bella la vita eh!

  28. Do more videos with your boyfriend love you btw

  29. from those who earned money by marketing your body 🙂 pity

  30. Ali has amazing foods!!!!

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