Baked Vegetable Idli (Delicious Indian Appetizer) Recipe by Manjula

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  1. It is just like Appe


  3. This is great, but I have a little problem. I cannot find Eno here in Germany. 🙁 Can I use baking soda as a substitute?

  4. Anju zanzibarwala


  5. I love ur food. Thank you for you time and attention to healthy foods to improve the Standard American Diet (our SAD diet).

  6. Hello Auntie what can I use instead of eno powder I've not seen this in the UK shops

  7. These look so delicious, is there anything else I can use for the Eno Salt? don't think I can get this in U.K, and as always Thank you, for sharing Manjula

  8. Nice idea… But they have not puffed up as steam idlis do? Is the taste same or different? Thanks all the same 🙂

  9. Did I miss what you did with the cumin and mustard seeds?
    These look wonderful.

  10. Very interesting recipe, a must try

  11. What a unique idea! I will try this 🙂 thank you Manjula xxx

  12. Could these be frozen?

  13. Looks great. I'll try

  14. Yummy and healthy!

  15. Great and easy.. vil definitely try.. thanks for sharing

  16. Mariam Issa Ahmed

    We love your recipes Good easy to follow methods Thank you Manjula

  17. Why Eno, why not baking soda in place of Eno ?

  18. I am huge fan of your cooking & the way you explain all things in details, i have been following you from last many yrs & my favourite recipe which i learned from you is pin wheel samosas.

  19. I will not able to try this one…

  20. I’m going to try your recipe this week!

  21. Londa Edwards Rau

    What is ENO?

  22. Thank you so much for this recipe. It's a game changer for me, as I would be too lazy to organise a steamer. Will definitely try these out.

  23. Good. Some thing different.

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