Badam Burfi (Almond Candy) by Manjula, Indian Vegetarian Food

View full recipe at INGREDIENTS: Make 20 pieces 1 cup almond 1 cup sugar Pinch of …


  1. I like this rasepe

  2. Manjulaji this is more then 1 cup of almonds that u. are showing ??



  4. very super. receipe

  5. How Come You Don't Do A Taste Test?!!

  6. Hi I made almond barfi but it became like halwa I tried to cool it v long but the dough is still sticky and I can't roll it

  7. Beerachee Ramruttunsingh

    Hi Chef Manjula your cakes are superb,I want to know more on Nankataye sweet cake.

  8. Nice video.. I tried same way, but it's sticky and I am unable to get like cake. Please guide. Thx

  9. Very good thanks for recipe

  10. Namaskar Majula auntie, a big thanks to you for sharing all these wonderful recepies.

  11. Hi madam
    you made my was yummy ..thanks for ur recipe ..keep doing more easier sweets like madam burfi.

  12. Hi mam it is so easy to make bcz you showed it. Pls can you you show me how to make Patisa

  13. what kind of powder what is it karma powder and how do i get it spices or herbs my mom love almond treat

  14. Manjula ji, what if after the preparation we realize that the sugar is lil less? is there a way we can add some?

  15. thank u manjula for showing the recipe ,rasgulla it came perfect , my family like it. thank u once again

  16. nice cooking. i like how u cook miss manjula. 🙂

  17. Pinky Kaursukhmany

    thx for peda and badam burfi ,thx so much

  18. oh God ,yaar.It filled my mouth with water.Burfi is my favourite sweet.But long time ,did not eat it.Really I miss India.I'll try it.

  19. Hi Aunty, hope you are doing well.. I made this barfi.. taste came out well.. but the dough was very sticky even after cooling (also tried refrigerating for some time).. could not cut into square shape.. had to roll them into ball shape.. but even after that they were not stable in shape.. what did I do wrong..?

  20. very easy and nice i will definetely try this for diwali thankyou

  21. I made this for my family and they absolutely loved it! I just tried it again with walnuts, instead of almonds, and pressed some chopped walnuts on top for garnish. It turned out really well. Thank you so much for this recipe. 🙂

  22. Get some silver paper from an indian store and use that, looks really nice…
    And yes it is edible!

  23. @gulberg41 my friend Indian from bombay but he looks Asian

  24. if you don't have a cardamon can you cinnamon

  25. hello Aunty……..can u show me any recipe with the store bought cottage cheese(American store) pls

  26. Made this today but was abit oily and abit sticky hard to remove from plate … do you know where ive gone wrong

  27. Thank u very much my wife tried it tasted great!

  28. hi manjula aunty…thaknks for giving me very nice recipe…i will try deff..i tried your comes very nice…again thnk u very much

  29. It was added at the beginning at 1.43, watch again

  30. Manjulaben is truely Devi Annapurna .

  31. Manjula you are better than Mahdur Jaffrey, love your clips

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