BACK TO SCHOOL LUNCH IDEAS 2017! vegan + healthy + quick!

BACK TO SCHOOL LUNCH IDEAS 2017! vegan + healthy + quick! today im posting my very last back to school video for 2017! 🙁 i’m actually kinda sad about it, …


  1. Omggg I LOVE these!!!

  2. What kind of food is that?!

  3. I love your videos❤

  4. Everything loook soooo bomb!

  5. VART ÄR SKÅLARNA IFRÅN????? Behöver dem i mitt liv

  6. Emma, you are so nice and appetite ;)))))

  7. These look so yum!!!

  8. I always love your video ❤️

  9. Omg the green bowl looks amazing

  10. I loved this video!! I have a question: can you use other kind of nuts for the pesto or does it work only with the cashews?

  11. heey, it's kinda awkward but i wanted to ask since you're vegan and u eat a lot of beans and these kinda things arent you like "gassy" or something?

  12. where are those bowls from i love them so much ahhh

  13. I can't be vegan because i Love meat, eggs and others

  14. we support you emma keep doing that

  15. wow your channel is growing so fast! I was subscribed to you when you had 20k!

  16. " "
    Hello :))

  17. Reet Gossip Production


  18. Reet Gossip Production

    Any small youtubers wanna support each other
    I'll sub you back promise
    I'll start youtubing in October

  19. I really really love your channel and check out all of your videos.. I just wanted to ask.. Do u live alone?? What do u use to edit your videos??

  20. yassss I've been waiting for a lunch idea video for school for so long!

  21. is yeast not vegan? surely you can eat marmite? thank u xx

  22. the pesto pasta sounds really gooood omg!!

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