Back To School – DIY Easy Healthy Vegan School Lunch Ideas

Back To School – DIY Easy Healthy Vegan School Lunch Ideas! I have 3 easy & healthy back to school vegan lunch ideas. Thumbs up for back to school vegan …


  1. did the pasta sauce go all over the other food, or was that not the lid lol.

  2. dzan kargad aketeb yvelafer

  3. this video was super helpful because my new year's resolution is to go vegetarian. Thanks!!!

  4. That sandwich bread looks so amazing.

  5. Some of these aren't vegan but i did get some ideas from this

  6. omg I have the same lunch box!!!

  7. i thought that she sounded like laurDIY just me ?okay

  8. Why does it seem as if nut allergies are more prominent in some countries? I'm not judging, just curious. When I was in school I didn't know anyone with these sort of allergies, nor do I have any.

  9. talk louder

  10. where on earth did u get your lunch container

  11. Had this for lunch last week!! Soooo good!!!! Thank you !! You got a new sub!


  13. Great ideas! Love it!!

  14. +ninaandianfan21 because a lot of people are allergic to nuts

  15. I got a hotdog commercial

  16. Tiarna Lescott-newton

    I just bought the same lunch box today for school in 2 weeks

  17. I'm sorry but I totally didn't understand how did you do the pasta sauce. did you just cooked the bell pepper and put it with the row onion and garlic in the mixer ?

  18. where did you get that lunch box??? that is SO cool!!!

  19. simona reklaityte

    I love it! Ideas are so good!♡♡

  20. This is sooo easy and yummie!

  21. I love this lunch box!! where could i buy it??

  22. What cream cheese did you use?

  23. Glad to see a video like this with affordable and tasty options! Some I've seen look great, but would cost more than eating out all day!

  24. Who else is watching this hungry.Raise your hand.✋

  25. not vegan but I am vegetarian all of these foods look yummy!

  26. great lunches im a new subscriber to you and ash j

  27. where did you get your lunch box

  28. I just got the app it's amazing!!

  29. How does your container work? It looks like either the food in the big section will get messed up, or the sides will when you close it.

  30. Елена Донская

    я русская

  31. I love theseeee! can you make more but for breakfast?

  32. Oh my gosh, thank you so much!!! I finally found a video of food I can make and eat!!!

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